"Alas.." It's all a long time ago. But it's true that I hate your mother. The reason is simple.. I fell in love with the old pervert, but the old pervert did not love me, and at that time, I could only put all the blame on your mother. Uh That poor woman. "Look at you, it seems that you are not in the dark, ha ha." You know your own secrets, and your mother's secrets, don't you? Ah Garin hates you so much, and you fear him so much, then the answer is obvious. Dear You know that, right! You know that! Adeline's body trembled and nodded. Poor child, I will not hurt you, from the first time I saw you, until now, I have not wanted to hurt you. Aunt Sophia smiled. "Although in those days …" I almost killed your mother. Oh, I should say not almost, I really started, but was stopped by the old pervert. For this reason, I fell out with him completely. I left Odin and went to live in seclusion in Wildfire to this day. Looking at the trembling Adeline, Aunt Sophia sighed. A very cliche and ridiculous tragedy. I fell in love with that old pervert, and that old pervert fell in love with another woman, and that woman, unfortunately,lamella clarifer, was your mother. Adeline could not speak. In fact, I have been wrong all the time. I thought I was the victim, the most miserable one. Or, in this mess of old times, well, I thought I was the most miserable, Merlin thought she was the most miserable, the old pervert thought he was the most tragic.. And the old drunkard who now lies in his grave,Rotating sludge scraper, when he was alive, thought he was the most miserable. In fact, after so many years of thinking, I finally understand that we are not the most miserable, my dear, do you know who is the most miserable? “……” Adeline shook her head. It's your mother. Aunt Sophia sighed again. "Miserable woman, she is really pitiful." The smile of this extremely strong person is somewhat desolate: "She is of noble birth, and has won the love of the first strong person in the world, as if she should be the happiest woman in the world, but.." This is the source of her tragic fate! "The most tragic thing about her is that she shouldn't have fallen in love with someone like an old pervert!"! What's more tragic is that she shouldn't have fallen in love with an old pervert! What is more tragic is that two people can never really be together! The old pervert has been shining all his life, but this is the only thing that the woman he loves can never really stand with him fair and square! Because he is Odin! As Emperor Odin, he cannot marry an alien woman! He can fight against the whole world, but not against the blood in his own body! He is a member of the Hannigan family, so he must abide by the traditions and rules of the Hannigan family. He can't marry your mother, and it's a great tragedy for your mother to fall in love with a man like him. Do you know why? Adeline:.. "Because she is not us." Aunt Sophia's words seemed very strange, and Adeline listened with a blank face. Aunt Sophia looked Adeline in the eye. "Your mother is beautiful, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,filter nozzle, my dear.". You inherited her beauty. But beauty is not enough. Your mother is excellent, excellent, but she is not'we ', I say more clearly: she is not standing on our level of the same kind! And by 'we' I mean: old perverts. Old drunk, Merlin, I.. And those other guys, do you understand? “…… No, strong? Because my mother is not a strong man? Asked Adeline in a trembling voice. Yes, it's a funny answer, but there's no doubt about it. Aunt Sophia nodded solemnly. "Because your mother is not a strong person!"! So, she is not a person of our world! So, this is also the source of her tragedy. Maybe you can't understand the reason I said now. Then I tell you, because your mother is not a strong person, she has been unable to understand the relationship between us. Speaking of it, maybe you don't believe it, or maybe it's funny. In fact, 'we' these people, in this world, will always have a strong sense of loneliness! When you really stand on a level beyond mortals, you look around, only your lonely figure, you understand things, others do not understand, you understand the truth, others do not understand, at this time, you will feel lonely. In this world, there are too few people like us, so the relationship between us has always been very complicated. Sometimes we are enemies, sometimes we are friends-but even if we are enemies, our relationship has always been very close. Even thirty years ago, there was a big scuffle between us, but what was the result? In the end, there was still no case of anyone being cruel to anyone, because everyone knew a truth in their hearts: in this world, our companions, count back and forth, just a few, kill one and lose one. Therefore, we do not want to reduce the number of companions. Merlin hates me, and I hate her, but she won't really kill me, and I won't really try to kill her. Because we don't want each other to die. And the same is true of old perverts. When I killed your mother, he stopped me. He didn't let me. Naturally, he hated me to death afterwards, but. He didn't kill me, even with that intense hatred. Even after that, we still maintained the relationship of half enemy and half friend. The reason is simple: we are all the same, are companions! We understand each other's thoughts. What we understand, others don't understand. But a few of us understand. It's hard for me to express this meaning clearly to you. Your mother doesn't understand. In the eyes of an'ordinary 'woman like her,lamella tube, I want to kill her, but the old pervert still keeps a relationship with me, which makes her very sad. 。 khnwatertreatment.com