Ning Jianyao has only 38%. If someone buys all the remaining shares, he is qualified to compete with him for power. If he wants to take full control of the company, he must get his own support. He let himself go to FRG with the stake as a bet. Ning Jianjing smiled, the abacus is quite good, but unfortunately he is not the straw bag waste in his imagination, he can not get the equity transfer as promised. Chen Jueming asked worriedly, "Master Ning, what would you do if your company went bankrupt?" "What about what?" Chen Jueming said, "Everything you have now is given by your eldest brother. You can't do anything. If he cuts off your financial resources, you have to go to work obediently. If he goes bankrupt, how can you live?" Passing through a mean lane. When Ning saw Jing glancing sideways, Chen Chueh-ming sighed and said, "Don't look at it. We can't even go to the mean alleys now. We're talking about the future." He finished, waited for a long time and then said: "Really, if your family is bankrupt, I have a meal to eat, I can not let you go hungry, although I have no ability." "Oh, so loyal." Chen Chueh-ming snorted, "of course!" Smiling, Ning Jianjing put his hand behind his head and laughed, "Actually, I am the boss of the mean lane. Do you believe it?" "You?" "Mmm." Chen Chueh-ming burst out laughing,Belt Filter Press, then burst out laughing and said out of breath, "You?"? Master Ning, you? Stop it. Ha ha ha ha. If you can afford to open a mean alley, I'll eat shit. I'll eat shit in front of you. Where is the mean lane? It is the largest gold selling cave in the whole Qincheng. He is not the money can go, there is a strict audit system, confidentiality is very good, although open in the most prosperous place, but it can hide the guests come and go watertight. High officials and dignitaries are indulging in luxury here,fine bubble diffuser, but they are still well-dressed when they leave here. Ning Jianjing, an 18-year-old, like himself, ran out of food and died without support from his family. He could afford to open a mean alley? It's a problem for him to get into the alley. Master Ning has been joking more and more for a few days. Ning Jianjing took out his cell phone, turned on the recording and approached him and said, "Come on, say it again here." Holding the steering wheel in his hand, Chen Chueh-ming took time to glance at it and said blankly, "Huh?"? Say what? "Say, if Ning Jianjing is the boss of the mean lane, Chen Jueming will live to eat shit, say it again, I can satisfy you right away." Ning Jianjing pinched his cell phone with his fingertips and sent it to his side, which stunned Chen Jueming. Don't try to lie to me. Chen Jueming cleared his throat, lowered his head close to his cell phone, and said word by word: "If I, multi disc screw press ,Mechanical fine screen, Master Ning, were the boss of the mean lane, I, Chen Jueming, would live to eat shit." "Very good." Ning Jianjing took back his cell phone, played it again, and put it away with satisfaction. At this moment, the mobile phone that just put in the pocket rang suddenly, Ning Jianjing took it out again, and the voice at the other end was slightly flustered. Boss, something's wrong. Ning saw Jing frowning. "It's all right. Take your time. What's the matter?" Chen Chueh-ming also found out that something was wrong and hurriedly asked, but Ning Jianjing raised his hand to stop him and stared blankly at his face, as if he had changed his person. Where is Manager Chen? Didn't you say something like this earlier? Now the knife is on your neck and you can't stand it. Ning Jianjing sneered: "Let him roll over to see me." Chen Chueh-ming was directly silly. In his memory, Ning Jianjing had always been a dandy with no temper. The most dandy of them, even if they were occasionally angry, people could not tell whether they were true or false. He played and was more free and easy than these people, but at that moment, with that gesture, he seemed to feel completely strange. There is a feeling that he is as deep as the bottomless sea, which makes people tremble for no reason. What, what's the matter? Chen Jueming asked in a low voice. Seeing the scene, Ning turned his head sideways and stopped his cold expression in an instant. He turned his head with a smile and said, "It's all right. Stop the car and I'll go back to deal with something." "What's the matter?"? I'll take you there. Chen Jueming raised his head and said, "This is the evening rush hour. It's not good for you to take a taxi. I'll turn around and see you off." "Well, yes." When Jing Xiuzhu and Song Xiao returned to the team, all the children in the youth training camp and several members of the team stood at the gate to welcome the two people who returned triumphantly. Although I had welcomed the Elder Martial Brother last time, my enthusiasm remained the same. Jing Xiuzhu "poof" a smile, "darling, this is also in batches to meet it." Elder Martial Brotherther reached out his hand and said, "Hey, are you all right? Your uncle's sudden hospitalization scared us all to death. I was never so scared when I was surrounded by ten snipers." "It's okay." Jing Xiuzhu punched him and waved his hand to the children in the youth training camp and said, "Go, go up." A group of people went upstairs, and Song immediately chatted with the youth trainees and shared with them what he had seen about Yul, wishing he could use both hands and feet. Hey, where's the boss? Hu Lijin suddenly asked. Go out to play and leave him alone. Jing Xiuzhu walked into the training room and saw that Xiao Song had said that he was not going to come in. He closed the door and asked, "What about yuan Sheng?" Hu Lijin frowned and said, "The problem is a bit big. This is a panic." "What's the matter?" Hu Lijin pulled up his chair and sat down in front of Jing Xiuzhu. He said seriously, "Didn't you say you beat him up that day, and then he was taken away, and then no one could find him." Jing Xiuzhu frowned slightly. "Can you lose such a big man?" Hu Lijin also frowned and unconsciously exchanged his hands. After careful consideration, he said, "I didn't lose it. Later, he came out again, but he will never be able to play again." Jing Xiuzhu was stunned. "What do you mean?" The Elder Martial Brotherther sighed and said, "I heard that his right wrist was injured and the tendon of his hand was broken. Although he was sent to the hospital immediately, it did not affect his daily life, but it was impossible to play the game forever." Hu Lijin immediately added: "The people who deal with him seem to know that he is a professional player, steady and ruthless, not to the extent that he will be sentenced,Lamella Plate Settler, but it will ruin yuan Sheng's career, and he will not be able to play in his life.". The man who hurt him later voluntarily surrendered himself to the hospital, but I don't think yuansheng will give up. 。