Qin Yun blinks two times innocently, now the appearance is quite some innocent girl's pure taste, the sudden violent heartbeat immediately cracked Fu Tianhao's chest: "That, you say, what conditions, Qin Yun should be able to do!" Me, I want to touch my thigh! Um.. "It's easy for me to say yes." Fu Tianhao took a deep breath: "First, don't call me Master. I'm not Master Kang. Just call me by name. Second, I want to teach you. I need a little time to prepare. I'll inform you when I'm ready. Third, I, I don't want money." Although he had made up his mind to finish it in one breath, Fu Tianhao's voice dropped unconsciously when he said he didn't want money. Thirty thousand! Thirty thousand! Really don't? Really don't? Really don't?? Qin Yun stared at Fu Tianhao, as if to see through Fu Tianhao's heart through the dark lens, hesitated for a moment: "No money?"? Mr. Fu.. Do you have a hobby of collecting antiques? ? To tell you the truth, there are still a few porcelain vases from the Song Dynasty at home. I don't know if they can get into Mr. Fu's eyes. Damn it! Antiques! Porcelain vase of the Song Dynasty! They say it's worth more than money! Or have a play! Want two? Ahem.. Incorrect. In this way, if you don't want anything, Qin Yun may not be grateful to you, but you should suspect that you have any other intentions. "I do have a big, big request!" Fu Tianhao had a brainwave, frowned, and changed the subject. Qin Yun sees Fu Tianhao attitude is serious, hurriedly expression one straight: "Mr. Fu please speak!" "This..". Invite me to dinner. !” .... Soldiers come to block, water comes to cover, words come and go.. No matter how hard Qin Yun tries to give money to antiques to stocks, Fu Tianhao just bites one to death anyway, he has to have a meal, and he doesn't want anything else. Qin Yun had no choice but to say, "Well..". Without further ado Let's do it today! When the master gets off work in the afternoon,rotary vacuum disc filters, I will come to pick up the master. Today! Why wait for the afternoon? Why not just now? Hey! It's so hard to wait.. "Well, that's all right.." "Thank you, Master Fu!" Fu Tianhao pinched his nose and coughed twice. Qin Yun one Zheng, face one red, volume suddenly low a lot of: "That, that thank..". Thank you ..” Um.. Still won't call you by your name? .. Ahem It's just take your time, take your time.. "These ingredients are all ready. Let's do this today, and I'll arrange the rest tomorrow." Qin Yun nodded repeatedly, but did not make a sound, do not know what to think. This dress.. Great .. This leg .. Better .. Fu Tianhao squinted, watching Qin Yun's cart leave, with the pace of the skirt swinging from side to side, sighed with emotion. Is it done? A fat head suddenly blocked Fu Tianhao's line of sight. It was Qiangzi. Qiangzi shook his head and looked at Qin Yun's disappearing figure. He blocked Fu Tianhao's line of sight. Finally, he shook his head: "Brother Fu, rapid sand filters ,fine bubble diffuser, are you really on it?"? I see! Difficult! Difficult, difficult your uncle's underpants! Don't you have two nice words to say! "I don't think you want to live a happy life." Fu Tianhao said lightly. Qiangzi was so excited that he shook three times. He turned around with a sad face and said, "Brother Fu..". I I was wrong.. I was wrong, okay? ..” "Cough.". How's it going over there? Qiangzi touched his forehead in frustration and said, "What else can I do? Ye Shu didn't say he would ignore me. He doesn't even look at me now.". Hey! You don't know, you might as well just ignore me! "Girls are shy, and it's my fault. If you show kindness for no reason, it's hard to avoid scaring others.". All right, I'll find a chance to explain it for you. Qiangzi sighed: "What else can I do?"? I have to trust you.. What about you ? How's it going over there? "Wow! Ha ha ha!" Fu Tianhao suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed, scaring Qiangzi almost to the ground. What? Laughing like that? Did he promise to go out with you? Qiangzi clapped his hands angrily and his face was full of sour grapes. Well, she came to wait for me to get off work in the afternoon. "Fu Tianhao grabbed the air, clenched his fist, stopped laughing, and went straight away, regardless of the fact that his chin hit the ground.". Think of the thirty thousand.. The three thirty thousand.. Fu Tianhao still couldn't help smacking his lips regrettably. Seventy or eighty thousand ! How fragrant it is! Unfortunately, I can't take it anyway.. It becomes an employment relationship, a master-servant relationship, a superior-subordinate relationship.. In short, the relationship is unequal. Although the posture of women going up and men going down is common, cough, I am still more traditional. Hey, hey! I have a date tonight! I have a date tonight! You ask me how deep I love you, I love your thighs so deep.. "哥 . . Elder Brother ! Elder Brother Hmm? Just as Fu Tianhao, who was still in the clouds, finally came to his senses, he saw Ye Shu pulling his clothes with his head up. Ah! Ye Shu. Ha! Ha-ha! What's the matter? As soon as Ye Shu choked, he hesitated to speak. After a while, he said, "I, I have something to do at noon, so I won't accompany my brother to dinner." "Oh, that's it?" "Um.." Fu Tianhao scratched his head. It's strange that we didn't have a meal together at noon. Why make a special statement .. "Well, good, good!" Back in the warehouse, Qiangzi was sitting on the rice bag and lighting a cigarette. Fu Tianhao walked over and patted him on the shoulder: "Come on!" "The last one, just ordered." I! Your uncle! Fu Tianhao resentfully took out his last piece of Zhonghua, carefully straightened it, lit it, and took a beautiful puff: "I won't eat lunch here." "No?"? Why "I'm so happy today that I invite you to eat outside!" Qiangzi jumped up and said, "Good! Good!"! But first of all, I'm not going to the restaurant at the door. Fu Tianhao mercilessly gave him a white look, but unfortunately wearing sunglasses, Qiangzi did not see: "Depend on!"! I'm not short of salt! Sometimes, money doesn't have to be useful.. In this area, there are markets everywhere, shopping malls everywhere,MBR reactor, and dense commercial places everywhere. In addition to the people who go shopping, there are all kinds of people who work here, and everyone has to eat. khnwatertreatment.com