"The countdown to the elevator's ascent is three minutes." An emotionless broadcast echoed through the hall. Bai yuan closed his eyes slightly, then opened them and looked at Jiang Qiao carefully: "You go to the elevator first." Jiang Qiao is in a mess now. Her hand holding Bai yuan is trembling. "Do you want to leave me alone again?" Bai yuan raised the corners of her mouth and reluctantly raised a hand to rub against her nose: "No.". You go first. I'll be there in a minute. Be obedient. "How can you get past so many monsters?" Jiang Qiao's whole body was trembling. She looked up at the monsters around her looking for living people. Even if both of them were all right, three minutes was the limit. How could a monster stop them quickly? "Liar." Jiang Qiao hung his head and a tear fell on Bai yuan's face. "I'll do what I say," said Bai yuan earnestly. The bones behind him suddenly said sarcastically, "Oh, do you still want to go there?"? Dream on! I want all the monsters to come here, accompany me to hell, with you on the way to the afterlife, I really do not regret to exchange my soul for the ability to shatter all the houses. This sound..? It's Scar! As soon as Jiang Qiao looked back, he saw the pile of bones standing up, barely connected to a bone under the crumpled skull. Sure enough, the handwriting that had just collapsed all the houses was obtained by trading with others. Bai yuan struggled for a long time and couldn't get up. He grabbed Jiang Qiao's hand and said nervously, "Stop him, quickly." If he really calls the monster together, Jiang Qiao will not be able to walk, there is no possibility at all. OK Jiang Qiao picked up a brick from the ground and threw it at the bones. The bones were about to shout,metal racking systems, but their faces were covered with bricks, and the only bone connected to the skull was broken. To prevent him from making trouble again, Jiang Qiao approached him and smashed all the bones directly, and the scar was completely silent. The countdown to the elevator's ascent is two minutes. The author has something to say: The author is here to remind all the villains not to compare too much before they start, because the villains die of talking too much. There's only one watch tonight, Calvin! Can Kangkang make up for it tomorrow? Choo Mi. Chapter 128 devouring batteries 9. Jiang Qiao gazed back in the direction of the elevator, and the monsters seemed afraid to approach the elevator,shuttle rack system, but for this reason the monsters almost gathered around the elevator. It's hard for the rest of us to get in. Go There were four people in the elevator, and besides the two of them, there were still people who didn't get into the elevator. After sweeping around, Jiang Qiao found the man in the ruins not far from them. It was a man with glasses, a strong figure, and his white clothes were stained red with blood, so he should have been injured. He felt the look behind him and turned his head. Two people's line of sight, the man nodded, his hand hit a direction. The man means that he breaks through from the right, and Jiang Qiao breaks through from the left, which can disrupt the monster's team, radio shuttle racking ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, thus tearing a gap, and they can find a chance to enter the elevator. Jiang Qiao nodded without hesitation. With the two of them, both injured, it was almost impossible to rush into the elevator in two minutes. We must seize this opportunity. How do you feel now? Can we go? Jiang Qiao crouched down and carefully examined the wound in Bai yuan's abdomen. Although the wound was very big, the effect of the drug had already been brought into play, and the bleeding from the wound had finally stopped. Bai yuan moved his wrist, and there was no heavy feeling before. He nodded. "Yes." "Let's go." Jiang Qiao bent down to pick up Bai yuan, and the two men went around from the ruins on the left to behind the monster. For these monsters, the temptation of the unknown is now much greater than they are. The more they were prevented from entering by the prohibition of the elevator, the more curious they became. They had no time to take care of the three people behind them. They did not even notice that they were approaching, or perhaps they were aware of their disdain for their strength. This happened to give Jiang Qiao a chance. Just a few steps, the effect of the drug gradually play, Bai yuan motioned to Jiang Qiao himself can go, and then took out the dagger from the side. Jiang Qiao glanced, this is the dagger they saw when they met for the first time in this life, she had suspected this dagger before, and because of the origin of this dagger, she had suspected the identity of Bai yuan. They hid behind the ruins, only ten paces away from the monster. A stone was thrown at his feet-the man told them to do it. Jiang Qiao and Bai yuan got up and rushed to the monster on the left, while the monster on the right was also attacked. The whole scene began to change, Zhu Wang Fugui in the elevator to see the two of them finally came, turned around and told Tang Meng not to get out of the elevator, from the boots out of a short cone rushed to the left to help the man. Several people's skill is very quick, their intention is not to kill the monster, just want to rush out of a way, so just avoid it. The monster was curious about the elevator, but now he was threatened and did not care about the elevator. The monsters who had been watching the play in the middle were scattered on both sides, so dense that the two people in the elevator were frightened. They They won't have an accident. In the elevator, another girl was shivering in the corner. Come on, come on in. There was a girl praying. Tang Meng stood on the edge of the elevator and looked at the situation outside. Now he could only see the monster, not even the clothes of four people. Finally, all the monsters in the middle were scattered, leaving a very narrow path. Go Bai yuan grabbed Jiang Qiao's arm, and the two of them jumped out of the monster pile, their bodies were light, and their clothes were almost red with blood. Come on in. Tang Meng waved to them. They finally got into the elevator. And after they entered the elevator, Zhu Wang Fugui and the glasses man also turned out smoothly from the monster pile. The countdown to the elevator's ascent is one minute. Zhu Wang Fugui entered the elevator, shook off the blood on his hands,heavy duty cantilever racks, and breathed a sigh of relief: "Whoo!"! It's safe at last. As soon as he finished speaking, a monster's hand reached out to his chest. Fortunately, Bai yuan did not relax his vigilance after entering the elevator. He threw the dagger directly in his hand and cut off the restless hand with a knife. The monster held the broken hand and was thrown out by an invisible force. kingmoreracking.com