Meng Zan said with a sneer, "Xuanyin Palm is just slightly green in the palm. But why is the palm and the fingertips of your ten fingers all black together?" Leng Gongwu was startled by his opponent's sharp eyesight, but he looked at him as if nothing had happened. He looked at Meng Zan's eyes and asked with a faint smile, "Can you see so clearly?"? What kind of power do you think this is? Meng Zan said, "The palms and the tips of the five fingers are slightly blackened. It was once a forbidden rule in the martial arts world. It is not allowed to practice the '!" Of the five vicious hands that are too sinister and ruthless. " As soon as the three words "Five Poisonous Hands" came out, all the heroes in the martial arts world were shocked into silence. The white-clothed scholar, the beloved disciple of the "Black and White Heaven", asked Qi Jiuyuan, the "Eagle King with Nine Claws" beside him, in a low voice: "Master Qi, what is the origin of this man who looks like a dwarf? How can he have such a high insight that he can break the secret skill of Master Leng Ertang?" Qi Jiuyuan shook his head and said, "Master Si Shao Hui, your subordinates have never seen it, nor have they ever heard of such great insight in the martial arts world. How can you break the secret skill of Master Leng Ertang?" The leader of the Green Forest in the six northern provinces not only treated the white-clothed scholar as a "young leader" and regarded himself as a subordinate, but also was very respectful in his expression and tone. At this time, the martial arts field sent out a burst of loud laughter! The guffaw was sent by Leng Gongwu, the "Long White Palm Evil Spirit", who looked up to the sky after listening to Meng Zan's words! "What are you laughing at?" Meng Zan asked with displeasure? Did I misjudge and misspeak? As soon as Leng Gongwu stopped laughing wildly, he was full of arrogance. Xuan Mei said in a loud voice, "I'm laughing all over the world. Although some people can recognize the long-lost'Five Poisonous Hands', I'm afraid no one can resist the blow of my palm." Meng Zan said, "Do you know, my friend Leng, that there is a mountain outside the mountain and a sky outside the sky.." Leng Gongwu said,asrs warehouse, "I not only know that there are mountains outside the mountains, but also that there are days outside the sky.." I also know that there are people above people, but although the mountain is easy to see, it is extremely difficult to see outside the sky, and as for people above people, it is even more.. "It's not difficult, it's not difficult," said Meng Zan. "As the saying goes, 'Far away,warehouse storage racks, close at hand'.." Leng Gongwu laughed wildly again. He gave Meng Zan a sidelong glance. With a contemptuous look on his white face, he said, "Do you think you are a'superior man 'who can withstand the power of the old man's'five poisonous hands'?"? I think the driver is less than five feet tall, wretched and trivial, like a dwarf, is a'superior person ', but also worthy of the name.. When Liu Yanzhao heard this from his seat, he sighed and looked sideways at Xiao Keying, saying, "Sister Xiao, as the saying goes, 'When a man is about to die, he must first rebel wildly.' He also said, 'Good and evil will be rewarded, and there will be no escape.' Even though Meng Erdi was very cruel to Leng Gongwu, it was the other side who brought a strange disaster on himself!" Xiao Keying frowned slightly, with a worried look on her face. She gazed at the scene and said in a low voice, Automated warehouse systems ,pallet rack shelving, "The Five Poisonous Hands are not only powerful in their hands, but also have a highly poisonous wind, which penetrates into the viscera. Brother Meng.." "Don't worry, Sister Xiao," said Jiao Liang with a smile. "The big boy is short and meritorious. His'King Kong Mixed Vitality 'is stronger than mine.." Jiao Liang said at this point, Meng Zan has said the words that shocked the audience! Although he heard Leng Gongwu's arrogant words, he didn't get angry at all. He just said with a faint smile, "My friend Leng is right. Meng Zan is less than five feet tall. He is a'man under a man '. But it's very easy for a'man under a man' to deal with a'slave under a slave '. Probably he can't use the second palm this time!" "What did you say, dwarf?" Leng Gongwu roared. Meng Zan said with a smile, "I told you that you have made the'Five Poisonous Hands' that are forbidden to learn in Jianghu, but you can't stand my hand. Meng Zan also made a wild remark like you just now. If you can escape from my hand, Meng Zan will shake the spirit of heaven in front of the world's heroes and cut himself off on the spot!" These words are really amazing! Leng Gongwu did not expect this to look unremarkable, not only has a very good eyesight and insight, but also said such a crazy and arrogant words than himself. The white-clothed scholar, who was in a higher position than Qi Jiuyuan, the "King of the Eagle with Nine Claws," suddenly spoke from his seat and said, "Lord Leng Ertang, the prestige of this association is the most important thing. Don't be impatient and careless before facing the enemy!" Leng Gongwu had already raised his eyebrows and stared at him. When he heard this, he immediately calmed down his excitement. He took a closer look at Meng Zan and said slowly, "Friend Meng, please get ready. If Leng Gongwu is defeated by you, I will cut myself off on the spot!" When the four heroes saw them, both sides shouted vigorously, knowing that this fight was bound to be ground-breaking and wonderful! Meng Zan deliberately provoked this ferocious and arrogant "Long White Palm Evil Spirit" and said with a smile, "Leng friend, please use your self-important" Five Poisonous Hands "at any time. I don't need to make any preparations to deal with third-rate people like you and the kungfu of non-human beings!" Leng Gongwu just suppressed the bad breath in his chest, and was enraged by Meng Zan. But he has long been the enemy, and by the white scholar reminded, know that the other side is crazy, there must be practical learning! Therefore, although he is angry, but not reckless, to be full of anger, play on the power! Leng Gongwu slowly raised his right palm. First the palm is slightly black, then the fingertips are black, and finally even the palms, the flesh suddenly sinks, dry and hard into a black claw! Xiao Keying was startled. With a worried look on her face, she whispered to Liu Yanzhao, "Brother Liu, the'Five Poisonous Hands' skill of the'Long White Palm Evil Spirit 'has been practiced to about eleven percent. If Brother Meng wants to defeat the enemy with one hand, can he do it?" Liu Yanzhao was afraid of leaking the secret, so he said to Xiao Keying in his ear, "If Meng Erdi attacks first, it will be difficult to defeat the enemy within the limit of one hand. But Leng Gongwu couldn't imagine what the other side has practiced. It is rare and rare. It has the most protective effect. It is also the Buddhist magic skill of'Vajra Mixed Vitality '. The harder he hits, the greater the reaction." Wait until the big fall, wait until the'Five Poisonous Hands' strong counter-shock, under the attack of poisonous gas, want to escape Meng Erdi's palm to fight back, naturally it is difficult! Between the secret words, the strength of the "Five Poisonous Hands" of Leng Gongwu, the "Changbai Palm Evil Spirit", has been sent! He saw that he had already put on a threatening posture and raised his strength,medium duty racking, but Meng Zan still didn't care. He just grinned and held his head high in the sky. He couldn't help bumping into the sky. With a sharp roar, his five fingers were like hooks, and he clapped them on his chest.