"Can I eat him?" Xuan Lan lowered his head and looked at Mei's body. Linzi was silent for a moment, then shook his head. "You're full today, so don't eat him.". He is an honorable man, so I will throw him into the fire. "But, May, you're wrong!" "I will not lose hope, I will get out of here!" Linzi looked at the bleeding Meia and clenched his fist. 【www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Chapter 337 people who submit. Book ^ net ^ e ^ see "sound crisp ring ring, a red wine glass tilted on the long table.". The old man holding the wine glass had fallen askew on the high-backed chair, with a wisp of saliva flowing out of his mouth and a deep snore. Drunk, drunk, imprisoned for so many years, facing a luxurious banquet that has not been seen for decades, these old people who have only been able to satisfy their cravings with inferior rum for a long time are finally drunk. They fell into chairs and on the floor, drooling and falling asleep. With a red face, Alfan slowly came over to Linzi. Linzi looked down at Mea's body. Mea's death had nothing to do with Alfa. Had it not been for Alfan's taking away his staff, and had it not been for Alfan's exchanging his staff for a banquet, which completely deprived Mea of all hope, Mea would not have done such an extreme thing. So Linzi didn't bother to look at Alfan. Although he was a powerful holy mage, in Linzi's opinion, Alfan was just an old beggar on the street. He still remembered the day he had just been thrown down, when Xuan Lan was fishing for salty bread for these old guys. This group of people have completely lost all dignity,automated warehouse systems, they have been reduced to maggots! As Mea said, they all became maggots, maggots without any future to speak of. Alfan was a little drunk. He staggered to Linzi's side and looked down at Mea's blood-covered face. After a long time, Alfan burped heavily and sighed faintly: "Mei, my favorite disciple, I haven't seen you for two hundred years. I still remember you, a student whose eyebrows are almost hanging on his chin.". Why can't you live well? Xuan Lan turned to look at the body of Mei a, and then looked at the old and immortal Afran, very boring curled up in the pool, yawned and fell asleep. Xuan Lan had eaten and drunk enough, and just now he was very jjīng, but now the excitement had passed, industrial racking systems ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, and he was sleepy. (《》.) Crouching beside Mea, his little hand secretly stroked Mea's robe. This is a very good quality of the top robe, exudes a magical smell that makes people tremble, thinking about how many pounds of rròu you can get if you sell this robe. Linzi looked at Alfan and said to Alfan what Mea had said before he died. Alfan's face twitched, and he burst into a low laugh. Shaking his head, Alfan looked at Linzi and laughed in a low voice. "This child, he is really confused. Living is better than anything else. How can he be confused?"? The heart of a wizard? Dignity? Hope? Ha ha, did he have dignity and hope when he died like this? Linzi stared at Alfan and sneered, "What about you?" Alfan stared at Linzi and narrowed his eyes slowly. His eyes gave off a green and cold light, like the eyes of a hungry wolf in a winter night, which made Linzi's sweat stand up. "What do you know?" Alfa said softly? We are alive, and this is the greatest hope. We've been locked up for hundreds of years and we've never given in to the church, and that's where our dignity lies. With a sneer, Alfan sighed in a low voice, "Throw his body into the fire. Burn his soul with a magic bow. He's dead. He can't live.". Before you die, take off his robe and give it to me. It's not bad. It should be able to change something! Lin Qi was so angry that the corners of his mouth were in Chchōu. He lowered his voice and growled in a low voice: "Your Excellency, this is your disciple!" Alfan looked at Linzi coldly, and he was suddenly disdainful. An invisible force knocked Linzi out and crushed him on the stone wall behind him. Linzi's xixiōng bore was dented, and no matter how Linzi struggled, he was crushed on the stone wall like a fly stuck by glue, unable to move at all. Xuan Lan suddenly woke up from a dream. He saw the scene of Lin Qi being suspended and suppressed on the stone wall. He subconsciously punched Afran: "Old man, what are you doing?"? Linzi is the only one who talks to me. How dare you hurt him? How hard is the Frost Giant's punch? Basically, there are no living creatures. It seems that the answer to this question is that those who have been punched by the frost giant are basically dead. But Xuan Lan's punch was about three feet away from Alfan's body. With an understatement of Alfan's right hand, an invisible force imprisoned Xuan Lan's body. Xuan Lan's huge body also slowly floated up, and like Lin Qi, it was suspended in the air and pressed on the stone wall. Although here, every day can accumulate very little magic! Although our power is suppressed here! Afran stared at Lin Qi, eyes flashed a touch of ferocious and tyrannical cold light: "But as long as we stand on the ground, we can still play 70% of the strength.". You m'máo boys, trying to squeeze you to death is like squeezing a bug to death! With a loose hand, Lin Qi and Xuan Lan fell heavily to the ground at the same time, and Alfan turned around and walked over to the long table of the banquet. After a few steps, Alfan turned around and said to Linzi lightly, "Mei is my apprentice, but this is Hei yuan.". Those who adapt here can live, and those who don't adapt will die. It's that simple, just that simple! After a few sneers,teardrop pallet racking, Alfan said leisurely, "I'm still alive and he's dead, so I'm right and he's wrong!" A handsome young man with a smile on his face walked up to Alfan shyly and bowed gently to him. kingmoreracking.com