The girl's eyes were fixed on him, and Qian Mozheng's lips began to tremble. Perhaps her mother had said that. But he had never prepared how to tell the truth to his daughter. Or never dare to speak out, for Huang Wanran to keep that secret, the daughter can only silently care. He found himself so timid! "Please tell me!" Qiuqiu inherited her mother's strength and stubbornly pursued, "whether YES or NO!"! I just need an answer from you! Aggressive daughter, so that money does not fight to become no way out, no matter how Qiuqiu will look at themselves, the leak of the secret has been irreparable. Good! I admit it! I am your real father! The living room is silent again, the night outside the window is gradually invading, the sleeping city will remember this sentence. Qiuqiu was silent for more than ten seconds. The expression on her face was so complicated. She turned her head and said softly with a wry smile, "Thank you." Such an understatement of "thank you" made Qian Mo's heart collapse in an instant. He was ready to be scolded by his daughter and even slapped as a liar, but now he was half stunned. No, you should hate me! He bowed his head and confessed bitterly, not like a man in his forties at all. "I'm sorry!"! I'm sorry "I want to confirm-" Qiuqiu has some sobs, covering his mouth and said, "to confirm whether what my mother said is true? Thank you for telling me the truth. Of course,jacuzzi manufacturers, of course it's true. I'm your real father. Only your mother knows this secret. She has been hiding it for fifteen years. She doesn't want to hide it any more. But please don't blame your mother. She is a great mother. She has endured a lot of pain for you and never thought about herself until the last moment of her life. "Don't say any more." Qian Mozheng couldn't stop himself and said more sadly, "It's all my fault. I'm a failed man. I've never done my duty as a father. I didn't even know you existed for fifteen years. I didn't know the truth until a few days ago. No, I don't deserve to be a father at all!"! In contrast, I really admire him. He raised you and loved you for so many years, and finally paid his life for you. He is a truly qualified father. I'm sorry, Qiuqiu,outdoor endless pool, I'm really sorry! I dare not say these words to you, although I love you very much now, but this love is too late. As he spoke, he grabbed his long hair and shed tears in a wry smile. Unexpectedly, Qiuqiu stretched out her hand and gently wiped away the tears on his face. Qian Mozheng grabbed her hand gratefully, but could not say anything. Qiuqiu opened her eyes wide and said with the corners of her mouth trembling, "After my mother died, you are my only family. Please don't leave me." I promise I will never leave you again. The first half of my life is a mistake. I have hurt your mother. I will not let you suffer any harm. We will always be together, my dear daughter. Qian Mozheng hugged her into his arms, stroked her hair with his warm and powerful hands, and suddenly tasted the taste of being a father. Dad Qiuqiu called softly in his arms, hot tub wholesale ,american hot tub, and the girl's voice was like a cat's meow, but it made Qian Mozheng really hear it-for the first time in his life, someone called him Dad, and it felt so wonderful that it seemed to melt all his flesh and blood. My dear daughter. He also whispered excitedly to Qiuqiu and hugged her more tightly. The tears of father and daughter flowed together, wetting each other's shoulders and their closed hearts. Suddenly, the iron gate of the courtyard was knocked hurriedly. Qian Mozheng was still holding his daughter in his arms, but the sound outside knocked louder, forcing him to let go of Qiuqiu and say, "Wait a minute, sit here and don't move!" He wiped the tears from his face and walked carefully behind the iron gate. "Who is it?" He asked in the darkness. "We're back!" It was obviously Tong Jianguo's voice, and Qian Mozheng hurriedly opened the iron gate. With a Chrysler SUV parked outside, Tong Jianguo, Yu Ling, Lin Junru and Elena returned to the base camp in shock. "Haven't you found Xiaozhi yet?" After Qian Mozheng waited for them to walk into the living room, he found that two more people were missing. "Why didn't Ye Xiao and Yang Mou come back?" As soon as Tong Jianguo and the others returned to the living room, they drank water wearily and fell on the sofa. Only Yu Ling answered dejectedly, "Ye Xiao is missing and Yang Mou is dead." "What?"? Yang Mou is dead? Qian Mozheng quickly grabbed Qiuqiu so that the child would not be frightened. Yes, Yang Mou is dead. More than half an hour ago, Yang Mou died in the Butterfly Cemetery, another center of the city, where ghosts meet, the window of hell and heaven. In that deadly wilderness, when Tong Jianguo and others were in a hurry for Yang Mou's death, Xiaozhi disappeared unconsciously. By the time everyone realized it, she had long disappeared, like a ghost in a butterfly cemetery. Xiaozhi ran away again! Faced with the eighth victim in the tour group, everyone almost broke down. Especially the jade spirit is more sad, she feels Yang Mou and Tang Xiaotian husband and wife's death is related to oneself, only Tong Jianguo is still comforting her. Finally, they buried Yang Mou on the spot, dug a shallow pit in the weeds outside the Butterfly Cemetery, and put Yang Mou into the embrace of the soil. A small tomb stood in the dusk, four companions stood in silence for a moment, and many butterflies came, they will accompany Yang Mou forever. The night completely enveloped the sleeping city. The moon gradually rides on the dense branches of the banyan tree. Ye Xiao is still walking on the endless road. It was seven o'clock in the evening, and he had been wandering around the city of Nanming all afternoon,outdoor spa manufacturers, without seeing a figure or any sign of life except himself, as if his companions had never existed, as if he were just a ghost.