Shuijing Zen Master sighed and said, "I'm going to Tianzhu to discuss countermeasures with the masters of Tianzhu, or to practice a kind of Buddhist magic skill to see if I can resist the sound of the Eight Dragons. If I can't succeed, I'll have to put it into the destiny of heaven." When Lv Lin heard his tone, he was exactly the same as Tan Sheng, the king of the seven evil spirits. He knew that the sound of the eight dragons was a rare masterpiece in martial arts. It was really sad to surpass it! When Master Shuijing had finished speaking, he reached out his hand and patted Lu Lin on the shoulder. "After you've burned the house," he said, "go and find a place to hide for a while." Lv Lin had to nod sadly. Seeing the Water Mirror Zen Master's cassock fluttering, he hurried away from the outside. Lv Lin stood in a daze for a while, galloped up the West Sky Peak, examined it carefully, and saw that no one was there, so he set fire to it. In less than an hour, on the Qingyun Ridge, the two peaks in the east and west were all lit by fire and went straight up to the sky. Lv Lin stood on the ridge, feeling that the heat was pressing and burning until night, which was even more spectacular. Lv Lin stood in a daze until it was dark before he went down Qingyunling. He stood for a moment in front of the new graves of the dead, and suddenly remembered that the seven evil spirits were very accurate. Now that he had calculated that Huang Xinzhi had only led the six-fingered harp demon away, the eight-dragon Yin would still return to the hands of the six-fingered harp demon, and the six-finger harp demon would certainly come here. In fact, he did. In that case, why don't you hide around here, wait until the six-fingered harp demon arrives, take him by surprise, fly out of Ziyang Dao, and remove him without waiting for him to display the sound of eight dragons? Whether it succeeds or not,massage bathtub manufacturers, it is always worth a try to see if there is any result. As soon as he thought of this, he quickly surveyed the surroundings, but there was no special place to hide. Only beside those new graves, there are three or five big trees embraced by two people. Although they can hide behind the trees, they are not very safe. Because, as long as the six fingers harp demon, see a trace, the assassination will not be successful. He stood beside the tree, thought for a long time,hot tub manufacturers, suddenly, had an idea, the purple gold knife carefully, in the tree body, cut a whole piece of bark about seven feet high, two feet wide. Then he dug a hole in the tree with a knife, and threw all the wood and sawdust into the grass, leaving nothing behind. Then he closed a whole piece of bark, and it looked like it was still a complete tree, without any trace. Lv Lin thought to himself that the six-fingered harp demon would not come here. If he came here, he would never expect that there would be someone in the tree. He picked some mountain fruits at random, ate his stomach, stood in the hole of the tree, and carefully covered the bark. Dig a small hole in the bark and look out. So standing in the tree, of course, is very hard, Lv Lin in order to revenge, what kind of hard work, not to mention this little bit of suffering. He waited quietly, whirlpool hot tub spa ,best whirlpool tub, holding the hilt of the purple sword tightly in his right hand, waiting for the six-fingered harp demon to appear in front of his eyes and throw the sword unexpectedly, calling it impossible to guard against. Lu Lin waited all night in the tree, but there was no movement outside. Lv Lin only when the six-fingered harp demon, already will not come again, just want to go out of the tree to walk a few steps, suddenly heard the voice of someone, came over, is the voice of Huang Xinzhi. "Father," he said, "I had expected that they had all dispersed." As soon as Lv Lin heard Huang Xinzhi's voice, he couldn't help feeling nervous. He could hear the voice. It was only seven or eight feet away, but it happened to come from behind. Not only could he not see the six-fingered harp demon and Huang Xinzhi, but if he wanted to appear, he would have to slow down. And that slow, may be wasted, so he is just patient, waiting to move. "Do you still have the courage to say such a thing?" He shouted as he heard the magic language of the six-fingered harp with an angry sound. Huang Xinzhi's voice, looking extremely frightened, said, "Dad, I.." I just thought, why hurt so many people? "What do you know?" The six-fingered harp demon shouted angrily? If I don't hurt this man, how can this man let me go. ” "Father," said Huang Xinzhi, "you have the unique skill of the Eight Dragons. Who dares to provoke you?" The six-fingered harp demon uttered a "Pooh" and said, "Son, you only know one thing, but you don't know the other. Although I have the unique skill of the Eight Dragons, my own martial arts are worse than theirs. That year, on Xianren Peak, I was seriously injured by the blow of the old thief Dongfang Bai. If the thief hadn't fainted immediately, I would have almost died. "When I got home, I played the Eight Dragons Tianyin again. By the Yellow River, I met two bitter enemies and played it again. It was very exhausting to play the Eight Dragons Tianyin. I played it with injuries, and the injuries were more serious." Fortunately, he found a very hidden place, and after two years of injury, he came out. Think about it, if Dongfang Bai's blow had been heavier, or if I had met a strong enemy after I was wounded, wouldn't I have suffered the same misfortune? At that moment, the six-fingered harp demon told himself what had happened. Only then did Lv Lin know why the six-fingered harp demon had not appeared in Jianghu during the two years he had been drifting on the island. It turned out that he had been injured. Since Dongfang Bai's blow can hurt him, we can see that he is not a sacred and invincible person. As soon as Lv Lin thought of this, his courage suddenly grew stronger. As soon as the six-fingered harp demon appeared in front of him, he was ready to attack him. However, the voice of the six-fingered harp demon, although much closer, was still in the wrong direction. Behind him, it was difficult for him to attack. I heard Huang Xinzhi say, "Dad, if you hadn't harmed people with the sound of the Eight Dragons, I don't think they would have harmed you. That time you played the sound of the Eight Dragons in the heavy rain in the huge house, I was almost shocked to death by you!"! Fortunately, Miss Tan rescued me. The six-fingered harp demon laughed and said, "Who told you not to see that I looked so much like you?"? To tell you the truth, it was only after that that I learned that the fire string bow, which is of great importance,endless swimming pool, is still in the world! When Lv Lin heard this, he couldn't help but be stunned. What's the relationship between the fire string and the six-fingered harp demon? Huang Xinzhi also asked, "The fire string bow has always been in my hand. Why is it so important?" 。