It was the first time that Song's mother had been so despised at school. She watched helplessly as money overrode her. The lawyer of the Chen family dealt with the others lightly, and the so-called family committee rights of Song's mother were so vulnerable in the face of money. So much so that when she got home, she was still saying that Chen Jinlu should be fired. Song Shen looked at his mother indifferently and said in a low voice, "You have been calling for the expulsion of the person who pushed the flowerpot. That person is me." Mother Song looked at him in panic and anger, as if she could not figure out why her son, who had always been clever and sensible, suddenly became like this. Until Song Shen raised his hands to the police and repeated again: "I want to surrender." The windows in the corridor were not closed tightly, a howling wind blew, and the expression on the boy's face was firm and resolute. At this time, Song's mother shook. After Song Shen's father supported him, he finally opened his mouth and said angrily, "Song Shen, don't fool around any more." But when the boy turned his head, the sun was just right on his cheeks. He said, "Is this nonsense in your eyes?"? Don't you always say that if you do something wrong, you will bear the consequences. I am not a perfect son, even more rubbish than the people you dislike. Because she will protect me, and I will only run away. As if Chen Jinlu had come to life, she ran over and pulled Song Shen's palm, shaking her head all the time. Song Shen,hot tub spa manufacturers, don't. You didn't mean it. I know you didn't mean it. I've already lost money to Yang Chan, and she forgave me. Song Shen lowered his head slightly, looked at her and said in a low voice, "Chen Jinlu, people like me are not worthy of your love." Chen Jinlu finally trembled and reached out to pull up his sleeve. She cried and shook her head. "You're not. I know you didn't mean it.". You are not the kind of person you said. Do you remember when we were in the first year of high school, I accidentally fell into the fountain in the school, and my shoes and clothes were soaked through. You took me to the school clinic,outdoor whirlpool tub, and you took off your shoes for me to wear. And after this incident, you have been going to see Yang Chan, you also want to admit it. Yeah, he wants to admit it, too. But since his junior high school, Song's mother has become more and more strict with him. You can't be in the top ten. You have to be in the top five. Later, you can't even be in the first five. You have to be the first. He was forced to take part in various competitions and win prizes for the school. Every time Song's mother enjoyed the honor of sitting in the audience and watching him receive the award, everyone came to say congratulations to her. At this moment, she is more like a protagonist than Song Shen. What happened to the flowerpot thing? Once again, his mother forced him to help her so-called boss's children, but he was already overwhelmed by the pressure of the math competition. He is a man, not a God who can do the best in everything. He couldn't stand it, so on the phone, he couldn't help retorting. But did not want to, endless swim spa ,4 person jacuzzi, a brush hand that do not know who put the balcony of the flowerpot fiddled down. He heard the screams downstairs, and many students were shouting, who smashed the flowerpot. His knee-jerk reaction was to run. As a result, he did not expect that things were totally beyond his imagination, and his mother went crazy to let the school find out the student and expel him. When Song Shen saw that the police did not arrest him, he said lightly, "I have checked the information, and falling objects from high altitude can be investigated for criminal responsibility." At this time, the style of painting in the corridor suddenly changed, and Song's mother, who had been cocky, was as white as paper at the moment. Had it not been for Song Shen's father supporting her, I believe she could have fallen at any time. Qi Xiao hurriedly took a look at Xiao Han, what is this called. Xiao Han has two big heads. He has been busy for a whole day and has no clue about the murder case. He has been delayed by these two children. As a result, there is another case of falling objects injuring people. Captain Xiao, what should I do? Xiao Leng snorted, "How to deal with it, how to deal with it, bring out the previous case file, see which jurisdiction the case is, and let the police who dealt with it at that time come again." As soon as she heard that she had to deal with it, Mother Song gave a cry of surprise. Clutching Song Shen's palm, she looked frightened and shook her head desperately. "No, you can't go to prison. How can you go to prison? If you go to prison, your life will be over." Now she doesn't remember at all that she wanted to fire Chen Jinlu at the beginning. Song Shen looked at his mother lightly, "but I did something wrong.". ” …… Qin Luzhuo handed the paper cup in his hand to the person next to him. At this time, Blue was standing at the window, and there was still a lot of noise outside. She took it and whispered, "Thank you." They stood in Xiao Han's office. Outside the window, it was a lonely winter day. The sky was gray and dim. The branches were bare and had a kind of desolate taste. For a long time, the man's deep magnetic voice sounded, "This is not your fault." Blue slanted his head at him. "Do you think I'm blaming myself?" Qin Luzhuo looked straight into her eyes, which had always been black and clear, and now more and more indifferent, like polished obsidian, showing an indescribable silence. Blue Chin pointed outward. "Do you know what will break his strings?" If everyone's inner world has a bow, some people's bow has a degree of relaxation, he can rely on self-regulation to relieve inner pressure. But some people are faced with pressure from the outside world, pressure is like a pair of hands desperately pulling the bow, only constantly tightening, but never relaxing. When you reach a critical point, the bow in your heart will break. At that time, the person will have psychological problems. The pressure of Song Shen's bow came from his mother. The more perfect he performed, the more proud Song's mother was. And with this pride is the next better request, the cycle goes on and on,garden jacuzzi tub, two people are like falling into an endless cycle of symbiosis, no one can extricate themselves. Now, Song Shen has broken this symbiotic relationship and destroyed his so-called perfect mask. Forcing Song's mother to face such an imperfect son.