Under this figure. Thousands of mountains and rivers have passed in Roland. It's almost half a day. Has crossed the Kilimaro Mountains. Into the frozen forest.. And then, all the way north! Chapter 511 of the main text killing dance! Updated: 2008-11-10: 14:33 Number of words in this chapter: 11777 Three days! Three days after Du Wei's declaration, the people of the imperial capital finally ushered in the day they were looking forward to! The night before, huge signs had been put up in all the casinos in the imperial capital: Duke of Tulips, Duel, Grand Knight of the Holy Knight! It is said that almost all the casinos are crowded with betting people. Judging from the current odds, it is clear that Du Wei is more popular than Randall Knight. Although no one has really seen Du Wei and others show their martial arts skills so far,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, it was only a small show in the ring that day. Randal, on the other hand, is a martial arts master that everyone knows. However, judging from the odds,whirlpool hot tub, Du Wei is still in the limelight. Obviously, most of the gamblers who like to bet money are men with boiling blood, and Du Wei's declaration in the ring that day, Zhang Guang, who is extremely arrogant, jacuzzi bath spa ,whirlpool hot tub, is in line with the appetite of these guys. And this day, since noon, the streets and alleys are almost no one! Almost all the citizens of the imperial capital city flocked to the competition venue of the Knight Association! All the thousands of tickets for the lowest class in the square next to the arena have already been sold out, and even the black market price of tickets outside has increased hundreds of times! The seats on the second and third floors are naturally already full! Today, His Royal Highness, the Regent of the Empire, and almost all the dignitaries of the imperial capital are present! On the temple side, His Holiness Pope Paul XVI, the spiritual leader of the Empire, also sat in the box early. By his side. He was followed by several white-clothed elders. Half an hour before the start of the game. The competition venue is already full of people. The Imperial Security Department has sent all the people. Struggling to maintain order. Waves of cheers from the crowd. Everyone is anxiously waiting for the start of the game! And the cheers from the stadium spread to the street outside. Tens of thousands of people without tickets waiting outside are extremely anxious. They shouted frantically, but unfortunately faced two thousand heavily armed soldiers of the security department. They'll just have to wait outside. Finally. When a Gong sounded in the game. The atmosphere of the whole venue has reached the boiling point! Because today is the rematch. The area of the arena is several times larger than that of the preliminaries! On a huge ring in a circle. Two passages were set up on both sides. After the sound of gongs and drums. In the midst of a flood of noise. Randall. Knights of the eighth rank of the Holy Order. The Grand Knight. The mortal enemy that Du Wei must kill. Stepped into the ring with a sullen face! Randal gave up the easy leather attire of the previous two games. Instead, he wore a set of silver standard holy knight armor! Although fighting on land, wearing this kind of knight's armor is a little heavy, but this weight. For a knight of the eighth degree. It won't have much effect. And. After seeing Duwisch exhibit the silver fighting spirit. Randal had already put away all his contempt! Heavy armor can at least strengthen some of the defensive-and this battle. It's about Randal's own life and death. And the glory of the temple! He has to pay attention! With Randall on stage. He quickly lifted his cloak. He shook twice in the air and threw it on the ground. Draw your sword. Strive to knock on the sword! There was a hum, under the metallic oscillation. Suddenly let the audience cry out their throats! A lot of gamblers who bet on him. Cheering in the crowd under the ring. Holding up a betting ticket. Shouting and waving wildly at Randal. After the crowd had been shouting for a good two minutes. Du Wei just came on stage. Du Wei tied up his long hair at random. And surprisingly. In such an important duel, Du Wei only wore a very light samurai suit! Not to mention the armor. He's not even wearing leather armor! Buckskin boots underfoot. He stepped on the hard board of the ring and came up. Du Wei was still carrying the long bow with a strange shape in his hand! Compared with Randall's serious and gloomy face. Du Wei looked very calm. His face was pale. On a handsome face. Still with that habitual smile. When he stepped into the ring. The voices around him suddenly quieted down-because Du Wei made a gesture of raising his hand and pressing down. From this action, we can see that Du Wei's popularity is much higher than Randall's! Randal's face is very ugly. He still has a heavy thing in his heart. Just last night. He took the initiative to see His Holiness, and he hoped that before this grand battle. His Holiness can give himself orders, after all. This battle. It was nominally Du Wei's duel with himself, but in fact it was the Duke of Tulips who challenged the church majestically! A duel of such significance. The Pope should have said something to himself,indoor endless pool, even if it was a few words of comfort or blessing. But last night. Randal waited outside the prayer room where the pope lived. But only waited for a word from a priest who served the Pope: "His Holiness asked me to tell you.". Do your best. Defend our dignity. That's it! The Pope didn't even see himself! This unexpected move, let Randall's heart buried a shadow! He doesn't know. The Pope doesn't see him. It's because I can't bear it! Others do not know the strength of Du Wei, but the Pope knows it! He can kill an angel. Not to mention an eight-level warrior? With a low roar of energy. Randal tried to get these thoughts out of his head. Then he stared at Du Wei in front of him with his dark eyes and gave a whoosh. Raise the sword. Point to Du Wei. "Duke of Tulips!" He shouted! Come on! Let me see your strength! Let me see how high your martial arts attainments are! Boom! Everyone in the audience heard Randall's challenge. The voice of the shouts rose to a higher level. monalisa.com