"I advised him that it would be better to show what he had learned and spread the Chinese civilization to all directions, which was also a merit. In that way, it would be beneficial to the prince without any harm. Isn't the prince the most fond of literary classics?"? "What Uncle Lu means is that it's all right. I'd like to be Mr. Beiguo!" Yan Qingyuan "um", step a stop, up and down to look up and down, waist such as willow, face like lotus, a shy little girl, can also say such words, look down on her, he smiled thoughtfully, praise way: "You have a way of persuading people. You're a good lobbyist," she said with a pinch of love in her palm. "If he had figured it out earlier, why bother?" Hearing this, Gui Wan hurriedly raised his face and his eyelashes trembled slightly. "Prince, did you promise?" Two eyes, the line of sight does not move again. Yan Qingyuan rubbed her head and said with a smile, "Man, if you persuade him to come down, you can let him escape from Nanshan and have nothing to do with you. How about that?" As soon as he heard that he was really relieved, Gui Wan was overjoyed. He jumped for joy for a while, but he couldn't show his face too much. He suppressed his tone: "Uncle Lu also said that I'm not allowed to go to him again. He doesn't want to see his old friend again. That's all right. When his works are published in the world, will the prince be able to.." As he spoke, he felt that he had thought too far to ask Yan Qingyuan again. He secretly said that the future was long, so he pursed his lips and said in a low voice, "Prince is magnanimous. I thank you for Uncle Lu." "Is that what he said?" Yan Qingyuan laughed, "very good, he is not confused." Then he pulled Gui Wan's body, pressed his shoulders, and looked at her in an instant. "How can you thank me?"? With one mouth? Lu Guiwan, you are so good that you can think of good things in your mind! Said Gui Wan embarrassed to laugh,outdoor whirlpool, but embarrassed: "I give the prince when the maid?"? I can sew and mend, make the bed and fold the quilt, wash clothes and cook, and I can learn even if I can't! Seeing her counting on her fingers, Yan Qingyuan couldn't help laughing and flicked her forehead: "I don't lack a girl. I just lack a daughter-in-law and a little prince." As soon as this word came out, Gui Wan's face clearly changed, his smile immediately solidified, but he pretended not to understand, pinched a green leaf from the skirt corner in his hand, and said: "I'm still a maid for the prince." With a cold sniff, Yan Qingyuan loosened the shoulder he was holding and strode forward. Gui Wan regretted it. He was afraid that he would go back on his word in anger. He hurried to catch up with him and dared to pull his sleeve: "Don't be angry with me,endless swim pool, prince." "It has already been born." Yan Qingyuan also did not return, the sleeve a earn, throw Gui Wan a stagger, but it has never been, Gui Wan a daze, or non-stop followed to the study, without saying a word, Zha Sha hand, in that pestle. When Yan Qingyuan saw that she was so quiet, his two clear eyes could see some redness by the light. He must have been crying in the cell. He sighed lightly: "You should be hungry, too. Go to have dinner after such a big circle." Gui Wan hesitated and stood still, his eyes glued to his body. "Do you want me to serve you?"? Has the prince had a meal? When he finished speaking, he saw Yan Qingyuan looking at himself with a strange and ambiguous look, and suddenly gave a short laugh: "How can you not be tired? With such a body, I'll see three or five in the future. It won't matter at all." Dazed for a moment, Gui Wan realized that he meant something. Suddenly, his face turned red. He spat at him and said vaguely, "Then I'll go to dinner." He quickly took three steps and two steps, and escaped. As soon as he stroked his burning face, Gui Wan could not help looking up at the stars all over the sky. His heart was empty after the great joy. The fragrance of flowers was so sweet, and the night wind was so gentle. Suddenly, endless pool swim spa ,endless swimming pool, he heard a few cuckoos singing, and his eyebrows were so sad that he calmed down and walked slowly towards Meiwu. A meal to eat, taste like Jue wax, staring at the green glaze plate straight in a daze, the heart suddenly jumped, really like a frightened bird, grabbed Qiu Fu and asked: "Where is the Blue General?" Qiu Fu was surprised by her sudden surprise. She patted her chest and said, "General Lan, are you still in the back kitchen?"? Miss Lu, what's the matter with you? Gui Wan body a loose, "oh" sound, a heart gradually settled down, only way is the matter of the palace, not involving the blue general, put a strange cover, this just found that the neck is sticky out of a layer of cold sweat, feet also run up and hot, is slightly do collar, industry disappear like Zhilang, ask Qiu Fu: "Sister Qiu, have you ever worn clogs?" Qiufu changed the new tea for her, passed it over her feet, and chuckled, "I've seen people wear it, showing their white feet, kicking and kicking. I'm not used to it." Said "Yi" sound, curious to look at Gui Wan, "Miss Lu, Jiang Zuo fashionable this, do you wear it in summer?" "I used to wear it in Kuaiji, but when I went to Shouchun, I didn't wear it very much." Gui Wan said, looking out, the night was already deep, so he took a sip of tea, first changed the water for the flowers, slanted his head, looked left and right, picked up a pair of scissors, was about to prune, and did not know what to think of, out of a moment of God, continued to work. Miss Lu, I see you seem to be very happy today. Qiu Fu helped her to put the flowers again, one by one, into the long bottle with a white neck, and looked at her, while Gui Wan smiled shallowly and did not deny it: "Well, because I've done something." Without saying a word, he looked for the flower buds again. Gui Wan was full of interest. He strung two strings of the newly pinched jasmine flowers and hung them on the lotus-colored gauze curtain. The faint fragrance floated in the room. Gui Wan fell asleep in the company of the jasmine flowers. Early the next morning, Tingwei was ordered to escort dozens of rebels to Dongshi, and called the officials, standing in a dark group. At this time, the news of the death of Yan Chui in Daxiangguo was released, and the public opinion was in chaos. Everyone was at sixes and sevens, and they didn't know which one to talk about first. They talked here and there. Seeing that Yan Qingyuan was not present, they began to talk freely about the coming prison car. All of a sudden, there was no lack of excitement in the scene. Later, Dongshi set up a three-legged tripod, a rough look, there is a person's height, the bottom of the instant pile of firewood, and Shuangshuang Dangdang poured oil all over, in an instant, the raging fire licked the bottom of the tripod, two rows of lotus knife guards, a face of solemn and murderous look,Whirlpool bathtub, this side of the frying pan fire, there was a commotion in the crowd over there, horse boots neat and loud: General Yan Qingyuan arrived with his horse. monalisa.com