"Tomorrow, I will go back to the old house," he said in a low voice. Back to the old house? An Xiaowan was slightly stunned. In her impression, this man is not very homesick, nothing is absolutely not back to the old house. She raised her sleepy eyes and asked him in a low voice, "What's the matter?" Huo Shen pursed her lips and leaned back, her slender and beautiful fingers, like works of art, moving slowly and unconsciously on her back. I didn't go back for several dinners. This time, I went back. He frowned slightly, thinking of his father's rarely serious tone, and even moved out of the old man Huo, Huo Shen also felt very helpless. An Xiaowan seemed to have heard of their dinner party and couldn't help but prop himself up. Yes The kind of Huo Ye's family? Her beautiful eyebrows were wrinkled. Chapter 540 of the main text blackmail mail. "Mmm." Huo Shen answered lightly. He squinted slightly, and in his heart he had a little guess about the purpose of the party. But this thing is always going to be brought up. Why don't you take this opportunity? Oh An Xiaowan also seemed to think of something and hung his head. She pursed her lips and then smiled. "As it happens, I'm going to start preparing for the flying show tomorrow." With that, she lowered her head and continued to brush Weibo. Her fans are growing day by day, and gradually, she has been on a par with Gu Yingsheng, who has been on the stage longer than her. At one point, some small advertisers sent messages, hoping to cooperate and let her advertise on Weibo. But Ann Xiaowan refused all of them. Her fame and status today are just the beginning of the flames, and it is really irrational to advertise at this time to arouse people's disgust. Speaking of, actually the scandal this kind of thing, also must want to avoid,5 person hot tub, specially, is with Huo Shen this kind of status man. If she is not careful, all her efforts will become the hidden rules in the mouth of others, all in vain. But with the kind of Gong Li, but not the same. They are happy cooperation in variety shows, and occasionally burst out of a small tacit understanding and heart to heart, this kind of vague feeling can not be deliberately, will let everyone start to give them CP, and then take this to drive part of the popularity. The next day, Ann had breakfast in a hurry and went out in front of Huo Shen. However, as soon as I got into Susan's car, I found that her face was very bad. What's the matter, whirlpool bathtub ,Chinese spa manufacturer, Sister Susan? An Xiaowan took a sip of water and looked up at her. Susan bit her lip and handed the phone to Ann Xiaowan. "Do you know this man?" She looked up and found that it was a very strange face and a very strange name. She thought for a long time before she was not sure: "Is this Jiang Xiong, the boss of Huantian Film and Television?" "Yes, you remember correctly." Susan frowned. "Nothing else?" "What's going on?" An Xiaowan began to feel wrong. Susan sighed and said, "Recently, there is a rumor in the circle that you have an abnormal relationship with Jiang Xiong.". And There is still evidence. "Huh?" An Xiaowan was really surprised. What is this? Eight poles can not hit the edge of the people, but also used to black her? "I.." Susan's look was a little complicated. Suddenly she gave a dry cough and said, "Can you remember?"? You really don't remember him? Looking at Ann Xiaowan shaking her head, Susan couldn't help scratching her hair. Then she clicked out a few pictures. In the picture, An Xiaowan and Jiang Xiong act intimately and eat alone in a Western restaurant. From one angle, you can clearly see that she is wearing a white turtleneck sweater and a small skirt, which looks lovely and beautiful. There are snowflakes outside the window and Christmas decorations around it. This scene really looks like a couple. There is no trace of PS in this picture. An Xiaowan saw this and suddenly remembered a very old thing in his mind. This meal was probably in the second year of high school, right? At that time, the teacher wanted them to go out and experience life more, so Ann Xiaowan found a part-time job on the weekend and did it for two days. But she could not bear to give up immediately, and when she left, the shopkeeper came to invite her to dinner. Nothing seems to have happened during this period, of course, it is also possible that she was dull and could not feel it at that time. After all, the picture looks. It's still very ambiguous. I got a blackmail email. Susan spoke solemnly. Chapter 541 of the main text has a requirement. "The other side used this photo to make up a press release.". As soon as I saw the content of the manuscript, I knew it would be popular. Susan scratched her hair. "At that time, someone on Weibo hinted that there were tens of thousands of comments. You can imagine how terrible this fake report was." An Xiaowan thought of a Rin, what is the situation? Sister Susan said with chagrin, "I saw that the other party didn't want much, only one hundred thousand, and you were too busy to get in touch at that time, so I took the initiative to give it." It is reasonable to say that it is not uncommon for stars in the general circle to spend money on scandal reports. Susan's behavior is not a problem at all. The only mistake may be that she did not tell Ann Xiaowan. But there's nothing wrong with it. But the problem lies elsewhere. Today, the blogger who made the initial hint hinted that she had received a bribe, which proves that the actress must be guilty. Here, of course, it's you. “……” This is too far, right? Ann was stunned, and Susan was regretful. She should have known that the purchase price was abnormal, and she should have found out in time! This is good, originally released to explain things, the moment has no qualifications to explain! Now, the evidence is conclusive. With these words, Susan raised her hand to refresh the Weibo page. Just then, a new micro-blog jumped out at once. At one o'clock this afternoon, let's wait and see the protagonist in the story! After the blogger posted the news,jacuzzi suppliers, the comments and likes below multiplied rapidly in an instant. The public's curiosity is very heavy. Recently, the entertainment circle has been calm for so long, and it's time for some new things to come out to warm up the scene. monalisa.com