On the way, Hu Sandao laughed and said, "Mr. Wu, it's really the right time for you to come. Tomorrow is the Qilanxing's Qilanxing Fair once every 30 years. At that time, the good things that the Chamber of Commerce has saved for many years will be released.". And there will be a lot of activities and discounts, why don't you stay and have a look? Wu Luo hesitated a little, and Hu Sandao said, "Tomorrow we'll watch it for a day. If Mr. Wu is not interested, it's not a problem to delay a day." Wu Luo smiled and nodded. "All right," he said. Looking for Mang Yinglong inheritance can not be anxious, a day or two does not have any impact. Qilanji is just in time for the meeting. Maybe there will be some chance. Because Hu San Dao received Fang Luxiao's secret orders, he received Wu Luo with a very high standard. There was an inn in his branch, but he was worried that Wuluo felt that it was not advanced enough, so he set the best suite for Wuluo at the highest grade "Grand Hyatt Inn" on Qilan Star. The evening was naturally a reception, knowing that Wu Luo was a little impatient, Hu Sandao retired appropriately. There was nothing to say this night, and everyone had a rest without mentioning it. Before dawn, the outside became lively, and several people in Wuluo were woken up. Liang Moyu, they have all heard of Qilanji, a temple fair held once every 30 years, which is very famous in the whole field of running thunder stars. As the saying goes, where there is temptation,Alumina Ceramic C795, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are rivers and lakes, there are fights. As the leading commercial planet in the field of running thunder, Qilan Star is particularly evident in this respect. Chilanji is a temple fair, and we are all businessmen, but the fight between each other is even more dangerous than that of those warriors. Some of the "Yin" tactics are really eating people without spitting bones. Although it is not on the surface, the major chambers of commerce will organize an auction at the three-day Chilan Fair. This auction is a means of covert competition. See who can invite more, more weighty guests,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, see who finally "pay" the highest price. It can be said that in the next 30 years of competition, the Chamber of Commerce that won the first prize in the auction of Qilanji has the advantage of stealing the show. This is a kind of morale. Not only is it marching and fighting, but many things are the same, including doing business. Without that spirit, luck will not go well. Therefore, although Hu Sandao seems to be carefree on the surface, in fact, his heart is also tense, and he must win the first prize in the auction competition of Qilanji. Originally this Qilan set, Fang Diwu to personally come to host, but temporarily there are important things can not come. Mr. Fang happened to go to Nu Long Xian Kui Shi Yonghao to discuss the marriage of his daughter. If he dared not come back for the time being, he could only "hand over" the heavy burden to Hu Sandao. Hu Sandao was "excited" in his heart, and he knew very well that this was a great opportunity for him, or a test. If you pass it, you will rise rapidly in the future. Can't pass.. I am afraid that in the future it will be sent to a remote small planet, and there will be no day to recover. So, cordierite c520 ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, in fact, Hu Sandao was very unhappy that Wu Luo had come to Qilanxing at this time, but he had to do what Fang Luxiao had done. He left Wuluo because the next day was the opening day of Qilanji. He had a lot of things to do, and he simply couldn't "spare" time to send Wuluo. He asked for "sex" to let them stay and spend Qilanji. Under great pressure, people will inevitably complain more, Hu Sandao heart has been muttering, you say when you come is not good, but at this time. Zu Qianqiu is also, you do not know how important Qilanji is, how to bring them here at this time. At the Grand Hyatt Inn, Wu Luo listened to Ling Hugui's talk about the Qilan Collection, and couldn't help but get interested: "OK, let's go out for a stroll, too." Originally, Wu Luo wanted to wait for Hu Sandao to come and go out together, but after breakfast time, Hu Sandao did not appear. After waiting for more than half an hour, a worker came breathlessly, apologizing that Hu Sandao had too many things to do today, so he couldn't come to accompany you. Please forgive me. As soon as Wu Luo thought about it, he was at least the president of the branch, and of course he was very busy with such an important matter as Qilanji. He didn't take it to heart. The fellow brought a fairy jade ring and handed it over to Zu Qianqiu. There are three hundred thousand immortals "jade" inside, please Zu Qianqiu accompany Wu Luo to have a look, buy what you like, and the ten chambers of commerce will pay for it. Zu Qianqiu said with a wry smile, "It's only three hundred thousand immortals. It's really a pity that you, Hu Sandao, can do it.". Zu Qianqiu actually knew that this time the Qilanji, all the things Fang Diwu had already arranged, including the final auction. Those auction items were all confirmed by Fang Diwu himself. So in Zu Qianqiu's view, Hu Sandao doesn't have to be so "busy" at all. And three hundred thousand, sent to call "flower" son? He is a man of heavenly workmanship! Just he looks at Wu Luo and does not mind, in the heart a little peace of mind, also did not say much, accompanied Wu Luo to go out together. As soon as the market opened, thousands of immortals poured out, and all the big shops on both sides of the street opened their big doors, and the guys went all out to greet the visitors with smiling faces. In fact, the most attractive thing is not these, but the various activities specially prepared by the major chambers of commerce. Wandering for most of the day, Wuluo did not find anything worth selling. At noon, they found a restaurant, did not intend to eat, but asked for a few pots of good wine, found a seat by the window, while watching the excitement outside, while drinking wine. Ling Hugui chattered about the story of "a poor teenager gets rich overnight by picking up a rare treasure in Qilanji". Anyway, it's all the same routine, much the same. Also do not know Ling Hugui is from where to hear, unexpectedly can repeatedly say seven or eight! Wuluo listened, and it could be seen that Ling Hugui had obviously been "poisoned" by this kind of story. After talking for a long time,10g Ozone Generator, he suddenly revealed his true purpose: "Sir, not only will the major chambers of commerce throw out some good things, but those scattered immortals will also come to set up stalls. There are really good things in it. Why don't we go and have a look in the afternoon?" 。 global-ceramics.com