"I'm afraid it's not enough. The cost of equipment appraisal is too high. My canteen has earned hundreds of thousands of gold coins so far today!" "It's only a few hundred thousand gold coins. When my sister has no money, she'll ask you to borrow it!" I laughed and said, "OK, no problem, I won't charge you interest!"! By the way, what skills have you learned? "Healing wave, primary can heal four targets at the same time, the effect is slightly worse than healing!"! Originally, there was a purification skill, but the last time they played an advanced purification, I learned it, and I didn't learn the ordinary purification of the tutor! I nodded: "When the spirit son also to level 8 team there will be two healing waves, when the time comes we three close combat can lead three to kill at the same time, Lian level efficiency will certainly be able to improve a lot!"! But I don't know if the profession of Xiner Five Elements Priest has this kind of skill! Just then, Xiaoyu came over, "Oh, business is good!" "That is, the cost of 20 thousand gold coins, but also ask Musa to come forward to help, business is not good can not be justified!"! By the way, what skills have you learned? "Magic Shield and Magic Rebound!" Xiaoyu looks happy! I was slightly surprised. "Don't you have a magic robe?"? How can you still have this skill and learn two? So Xiaoyu introduced the two skills to me: Mana Shield: Absorbs a certain amount of damage, depending on your mana. Mana Rebound: Rebound a certain amount of magic damage, the value is determined by its own mana value. I am a little surprised,7g Ozone Generator, small language now has a magic robe skill, plus two learned, after the survival ability is bound to increase, and the effect of learning skills is determined by the magic value, small language is all magic plus points, equipment and a lot of magic value, the effect must not be bad. Skills like the warrior's charge and the archer's stun arrow are useless when they meet the magic shield. Fortunately, the magic rebound can only rebound a certain amount of magic damage. If even the physical damage rebounds, there is no need to mix up in close combat. Before long,Ozone generator ceramic plate, they all came over. As soon as Linger came, she ordered me to trade. There was a skill book of Jian Qi on the trading column. I was pleasantly surprised: "Linger, where did you buy this?" "On the stall, I bought what you wanted when I first typed it out!" "Well, how much does this skill cost?" Linger smiled sweetly: "2 gold!" I was shocked: "So cheap?" "Yes, this skill can be learned from the mentor, all warriors can learn, only hidden professions like you can not learn.". And there are not many hidden professions in the warrior department, so it's cheap! So that's it. I can't afford to learn 5 gold from the tutor. Linger spent 2 gold. It's estimated that the stall owner was very happy. But with this skill book, I was immediately entangled. I don't know if it would conflict with my original sword. If I put that skill on top, I would cry. Let's go and ask Xiuyate! Thinking of this, I immediately said, "Wait and go to the Valley of Despair to practice. You go first. I'll go to my tutor. Er, Linger, you wait for me here. I'll take you there later!" "Good!" So I immediately sent to the town of autumn rain, carrying two jars of monkey wine in my arms to the glacier canyon, ceramic bobbin heater core ,ceramic bobbin heater, shouting at the cabin: "Xiuyate, are you there?" An old man slowly opened the door: "Small, how to say I am also a tutor, how can you call my name, can be called tutor, senior, teacher can ah!" " I said with a smile, "You are so handsome. Doesn't it make you look very old to call your mentor senior?" That makes me sick to my stomach! Xiuyate stroked Hu. "So that's it. That's understandable. What are you looking for me for?" So I showed him the introduction of Jian Qi, and at the same time I took out the skill book of Jian Qi: "I want to learn this skill, but I'm afraid it will conflict with the original one!" Without thinking, Xiuyate said, "Learn!"! More integration, no conflict! Now that he has said that, then learn, after the fusion may become more powerful, a little finger, the system will send a prompt! "Ding, you have learned the skill: Jian Qi!" Not yet happy, the system once again sent a prompt: "Ding, the sword gas and the sword gas will merge into the frost sword gas!" Frost Sword Gas? What skill is this? I hurried to check the introduction: Frost Sword Gas: Wield a sword gas with the power of frost to attack targets within 15 meters in front of you, dealing 2% of the attack, costing 2 mana, and cooling down for 15 seconds! This attack power is one third lower than the sword, but the cooldown is only a quarter of the original, the attack output is much higher than the original, good, good, or profitable! Farewell to Xiuyate back to Tianlong City, Linger has been waiting for me in the square, immediately pulled her horse rushed to the Valley of Despair, just out of the city gate but now a knight riding a horse in Tianlong City, a careful look, the original is the guardian, this guy finally got a mount, it seems that after the windmill fierce horse mount to players instead of walking tools, but this windmill fierce horse is after all When will there be an advanced mount? Silver Moon won't ride it to level 2, will it? Anyway, my gale white horse is more than his nB, just looking at it is a lot of cool! But as soon as he ran out of the Tianlong City communicator, Ling Feng applied for a call: "Idiom, Lengyue, a group of one thousand people, was besieged by a horse-riding gang in the dark forest!"! You can't go back to the city there! "Dark Forest? I'll be right there!" Ling Feng: "The horse-riding gang seems to have reached some kind of agreement with the arrogant players. The players who lead people everywhere to provoke the cold moon in the bloody battle, you must pay attention not to the red name. The red name players can't take part in the flag battle of the gang!" I said in a deep voice: "I see, the horse-riding gang wants to turn our cold moon players into red names, so that they can't take part in the gang war tomorrow. Don't worry, I won't let them succeed!" Ling Feng: "Also, there is a Manchu mercenary regiment under the arrogant bloodthirsty. Be careful!" I was surprised, I didn't expect to be arrogant and bloodthirsty! So if it's just a gang station, the number of our cold moon is definitely more, but if it's a field group battle,Ceramic Band Heater, the number of arrogant people may not be less than us! The cold moon advantage is not obvious, in the evening and small language to discuss to find time to cultivate a few more mercenary corps out, after the establishment of help as the cold moon sub-alliance!. global-ceramics.com