Seeing this scene, Hu Wanqi had to come forward to mediate: "You young people are very angry. Xiaojiang and Han Su are not right, and now they quarrel with Yibai. I see that Han Su is not indifferent to Yibai sometimes, but you make a lot of noise. I have a headache.". Xiaojiang, today is to discuss business, you can't fool around, play bandit temper again, I really send you up the mountain as a bandit. With that, he couldn't help laughing, thinking that he had said something interesting. Finally, he was afraid that Jiang Shaonian would be angry, so he coaxed him to say, "Heroes are not afraid of low birth. I came out of the bandits' nest in those years. I'm more energetic than you!"! All right, it's just to cut off your way of making money. If there's no oil and water, when the territory is returned, I'll give you military pay as compensation. In the final analysis, Hu Wanqi or love him, Jiang Shaonian heart is not convinced, but the mouth is no longer refuted,metal trim manufacturers, he can openly challenge Wang Yibai, but can not but give Hu Wanqi face, since Hu Wanqi words have come to this point, he is very smart to choose the default. After the meeting, the three brothers of the Wang family left by car. Wang Yiquan, the eldest brother of the Wang family, said,aluminum tile edge trim, "Jiang Shaonian is really arrogant. Even the old men like Xu Sheng and Li Qian didn't open their mouths. He dared to pound the table in front of the commander." Wang Yisong, the second elder brother of the Wangs, gnashed his teeth with hatred and said, "Look at that posture. The commander still trusts him very much.". Last time I went to ask for military pay because of military affairs. Commander Wang Gu talked about him, but he didn't allocate it to me. He said that I should solve it by myself with small money. Unexpectedly, now he only wants a few pieces of land in his charge, and the white silver is given so simply! Wang Yibai looked out of the window, as quiet as water, and said indifferently: "His power needs to be emptied bit by bit, and he can't be anxious." Jiang Shaonian returned home and lay on the sofa in a daze with a cigarette in his mouth. Ding Gui came forward to remind him: "Jiang Tuan, it's time to change the dressing." Then he squatted aside to take off his shoes for Jiang Shaonian, but was stopped by Tang Xiaowu: "I'll do it." Ding Gui waved his hand hurriedly and said, "You can't do that, china tile trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, Master Tang. This is the work of a servant. I'll do it. I'll do it." Tang Xiaowu took the ointment with a smile: "It's not that I haven't changed it." Jiang Shaonian squinted at him: "Hey, Tang Xiaowu, you like to serve people." Tang Xiaowu raised his eyes and looked at him with a deep meaning: "That also depends on the person." Very patiently and meticulously dismantled the gauze, and wiped Jiang Shaonian's feet with clear water, gently and evenly applied the ointment, Tang Xiaowu seems to be very skilled in all this, doing extremely focused. Tang Xiaowu, you are really boring. Our relationship is not like three years ago, when we could lie in the same bed and do that together. I'm going to treat you like a serious adjutant now. It's tiring and thankless. If you follow the commander, you may get promoted and make a fortune. If you ask me, you might as well bring Xiangju to the city, get married and have children, and live a small life, which is more cost-effective than carrying a gun with me. “…… As long as you get married, I will get married and go home to live a small life. Jiang Shaonian looked at the magnificent crystal chandelier on the ceiling of the living room and suddenly sighed: "You are really sure of my mind.". I'd like to get married, but the man I only want to marry all my life won't.. Ruan Fushan was probably afraid of a long night and a lot of dreams. After a long time, Jiang Shaoxi's heart changed, so he even saved the engagement. He asked a gentleman to calculate the auspicious day of the Zodiac. The family was busy preparing. The Ruan family was a big family, and it was expected that they would hold a big event. Ruan Fushan married his daughter, so naturally he wanted to be extravagant. Ruan Mochen, the eldest son, obeyed his father's instructions and followed the tradition when he got married. He wore a red wedding dress and carried eight palanquins to marry Song Jingya. It was an authentic Chinese wedding. But the youngest daughter, Ruan Moting, is a master who is used to herself and disdains all this. Now she is quarreling with Ruan Fushan at home. When my classmate got married, she wore a foreign wedding dress and took a picture of it at home. She had a good life, but she didn't see anything. Dad, don't be old and feudal! "What do you know? It's natural to be red on a big day. There's no reason to wear black and white. In China, we wear white only when there's a funeral at home. Don't give me that set of things for foreigners.". Your eldest brother wasn't like you at the beginning. Don't fool around on big things! Ruan Moting said, but his father ran upstairs aggressively and pushed open the door of Jiang Shaosi. Jiang Shaosi was looking through the pictorial in the room. When he saw his fiancee coming in, he had to close the pictorial. He got up and asked, "What's the matter?" Ruan Moting walked to the table and casually opened the pictorial, which was impressively printed with several women dressed in cheongsam with plump breasts and buttocks. She suddenly hummed: "Yo?"? I learned to look at women. I thought you only liked men. Jiang Shaosi knew that the other party must have come to him because he had no place to vent his anger, so he didn't want to care about it, just as if he hadn't heard it. Ruan Moting snapped the pictorial closed: "Don't read these in the future!"! You're going to marry me! Jiang Shaoshi nodded silently. Ruan Moting's slender white fingers knocked on the desktop. After a while, he suddenly stretched out his elbow and touched Jiang Shaoshi: "Hey, you go and talk to Dad. He listens to you the most. He agrees to whatever you say now. You tell him that we must wear wedding dresses and dresses when we get married." Jiang Shaosi raised his head with an expressionless face: "You can decide this kind of thing, but I don't understand." Ruan Moting immediately frowned: "I just can't make a decision to come to you. You promised to marry me in front of your family. Why are we busy with marriage now? It seems that you have nothing to do with it.". Will you marry me or not? Under the instigation of Ruan Moting, Jiang Shaoshi went to Ruan Fushan's study. Ruan Fushan was also very angry because of Ruan Moting's ignorance. As soon as he heard Jiang Shaoshi's words, he knew one or two of them. Pointing at Jiang, he said, "Don't follow her in everything in the future. You are used to it more and more.". How others wear that is someone else's business, in our Ruan family, we have to figure out a good luck! Jiang Shaoshi reminded her in a low voice,stainless steel tile edging, "Father, Fourth Sister has a bad temper. If you don't follow her, I'm afraid she'll hurt the baby in her stomach." 。