Ha ha a smile, Jin Xiaoshan facing the sky, way: "The four evil spirits of the Qinling Mountains, the four evil spirits of the Qinling Mountains, sound like a group of jackals, wolves, tigers and leopards!" Four around the big fellow at the same time a scold, four kinds of weapons, four directions, that is called the left big family, both hands holding a knife on the spot. Roll, machete blade awn roll back, all the way to the foot of Jin Xiaoshan cut. The other two machetes are really amazing. They are all in the front of the human body, and the knives are on the side of the human body. They must be two different sides just to grasp the distance. To split up Jin Xiaoshan. And the grey-haired old man's steel fork, straight to the throat of Jin Xiaoshan, both ruthless and accurate, even if the scene to be dismembered by five horses. This! Whirling in the left palm of the "Yama shuttle" suddenly stopped, Jin Xiaoshan has shouted: "Yama Shuttle!" He knew that the people who surrounded and killed him were no better than the bandits and robbers in the mountains, and that all four of them were famous gangsters with martial arts. Otherwise, the grey-haired old man would not have brought out the name of "Four Evil Spirits of Qinling Mountains" to bluff people. Since he was a gangster, Jin Xiaoshan never dared to be careless. Without much consideration, he immediately made the "Yama Shuttle" kill him. Here. As a result, the Aurora appeared in bunches in the backward flow of time, which was as glittering as the cold flame torrent of snow on the ground, flying alternately. Strike, the kind of silver star that is hard to see clearly, its speed and its disease,stainless steel edging strip, is really indescribable! It was one sound, but it was really four crisp sounds! It sounds like four crisp sounds, but it sounds like a crisp whine! The noise was not loud, and no one fell to the ground loudly. Although the four big men rolled up to Jin Xiaoshan from four different directions, the parts of the "Yama shuttle" that the four men encountered were all the same. A blood hole in the middle of his eyes. The contact between the two sides was quick, and the decision was also quick, so fast that there was no shrill voice, only a few heavy falls. Jin Xiaoshan's "Yama shuttle" had just been held in his hand, and he had heard two wild cries from the water on the horse in the distance: "Brother Xiaoshan, be careful!" The voice stirred in the air,tile trim factory, but the voice was not as fast as Guan Hongse's movement under the hut, because when Jin Xiaoshan put down the four left big families. After that, his back was still facing the broken hut, and he was about to turn over, but the strong wind was coming from behind. In the wild cry of Shui Er, Just as Jin Xiaoshan was about to turn around, Guan Hongse's voice rang behind his ears: "Die, my son." Thin blade steel knife "whoosh" sound, in Jin Xiaoshan's whirling body shape, fast and unspeakable split to Jin Xiaoshan's neck, that strength! And the direction, the scene is a knife will cut off the head of Jin Xiaoshan. Warning shouts, coupled with the rapid rotation of Jin Xiaoshan's body, Jin Xiaoshan finally escaped a decapitated disaster! With a whoosh, Jin Xiaoshan's "Yama Shuttle" did not stop the steel knife coming from behind, but the thin-edged steel knife was made by Jin Xiaoshan. Chop on the left shoulder. It was really a knife that hurt Jin Xiaoshan's heart and lungs. Blood was pouring out on his shoulder. The tiger skin vest was connected to the blue satin robe quilt. Cut open, there is an inexplicable cold straight to the body drilling. Struggling to turn three hollow somersaults, Jin Xiaoshan slanted his head and looked at his left shoulder, stainless steel tile edge trim ,stainless steel tile trim, coldly opening his mouth to lick the fresh coming out. Blood, lion eyes stare angrily proud to the extreme Guan hongse, way: "Water uncle's words are true, he said I am tender, really reasonable, I forgot that there is a side of you waiting for an opportunity." It's not good for me, but you haven't grasped your chance yet. The shrill voice is like a woman, Guan hongse way: "You're lucky. If it hadn't been for Xiao Wang's shout, I'm afraid you wouldn't have had a chance to speak again." At this time, Shui Er was about to come to the field when he was stopped by Jin Xiaoshan: "Don't come over, this surname Guan, although he is not old, his heart is vicious, but they are even worse than Guan Jin and Guan Hao, Niang." I really can't keep him. Clenching his teeth and enduring the pain, blood trickled down from his shoulders, and Jin Xiaoshan pushed step by step toward Guan Hongse, who was sneering with a knife in his right hand. So, gently moving the body, Guan Hongse snapped: "Jin, you have escaped the disaster. Do you want to escape the second attack of this young master? Do you think your luck is like this?" Smooth? The voice was sharp, but it could be heard that Guan Hongse was already sharp, because his moving figure was not ready to attack. Jin Xiaoshan is getting closer and closer, holding the "Yama shuttle" coldly, saying: "Opportunity all depends on luck, but fate depends on God, surnamed Guan, and let us let go, bet on each other." Melt it. Guan Hongse raved: "Jin, don't think that holding the'shuttle of the King of Hell 'is a sure look. What do you think you are?"? Just a last name A loyal dog raised by the water is at best working for him. His body swayed unceasingly, and his rotten eyes looked straight at the "Yama shuttle" that Jin Xiaoshan held in his palm and whirled: "You shouldn't have broken this young master's good deed, and now you've killed the four warriors of Mayflower Villa, and you shouldn't have been wounded in Moyun Valley." My father, all this is a blood debt. You know that a blood debt can only be paid with blood. If I don't kill you today, it's really hard to vent my heart. Hate, Kim, your head is about to fall. Jin Xiaoshan, still approaching Guan Hongse, said with an expressionless face: "If you want my head to fall to the ground, it's not just because you want your mouth to murmur and bluff that you will fall to the ground, you have to take out some lining and repair." But I, Jin Xiaoshan, know very well in my heart that I'm afraid you can't take down my head. Guan Hongse's rotten eyes shine with the light of Chi Li Li, with a stubborn frame way: "Jin, don't be arrogant. Once you risk your life, you don't know who will back you up, but you really want to be a completely bloodless Quanhe person." I'm afraid you don't have a chance, because you're bleeding right now, and my next move- Without waiting for Guan Hongse to finish, Jin Xiaoshan drank and said: Do you have another chance? Bah! In the knife of your sneak attack, I, Jin Xiaoshan, am crying out in my heart that I am wronged. For next time? Unexpectedly, in the words of Jin Xiaoshan, Guan Hongse gritted his teeth and endured the pain, regardless of the pain on his left palm, reached into his arms and took it out. The white silk scarf in hand, cold way: "Die together, my son!" Jin Xiaoshan saw Guan Hongse take out the handkerchief again,tile profile factory, and saw him roar, straight to the front of his body, the heart is not. jecatrims.com