Li Lu reclined on the sofa, her face propped up by her palms, and her posture was lazy. She reminded Qu Qi, "Yes, you should pay attention to it. The new assistant must be a man." Before Qu Qi joined the company, Li Lucai told her that she could choose between the two positions of HR manager and general assistant, that is to say, female general assistant could also be used, but now she is required to be male? "May I ask why?" Qu Qi was curious about the reason. This Li Lu leaned over and took a piece of cantaloupe. "Let me ask you this. What do you think of General Manager Lu?" Not sure what Li Lu meant by asking, Qu Qi reached out to pick up a piece of melon and gave a conservative answer: "Very good." "That's it?" Li Lu smiled and bit the melon in her hand. In fact, when it comes to Lu Jie, Qu Qi's mind can instantly come up with many beautiful words, such as "handsome, young and promising, God's favored son.." "So." Li Lu put down the melon skin and pulled a paper towel to wipe the juice on her hands. "It's not because he's my brother that I say that about him. He's a person whose female assistant can't help falling in love with him easily, so the follow-up is more troublesome." "So it's.." Because of General Manager Lin? "You know?" "Mmm." "Yes, Lin Zi is very obvious." "That's why." Li Lu threw the paper towel into the trash can and opened the chatterbox. "In the second year of the opening of the headquarters group'Creating the World ', Lin Zi worked with Ah Jie and fought side by side for five years.". Jie is also a very nostalgic person, everything does not want to do too absolutely, but emotionally can not respond to her, which caused him great trouble. Hearing that Lin Zi had worked beside Lu Jie for five years,industrial racking systems, Qu Qi silently ate the melon in her hand for a while. After eating, she asked, "Actually, why doesn't Lu always like Lin Zongzhu?"? Elegant and beautiful, very temperamental, with a diploma from a famous foreign school, he should be in tune with his work, right? I wouldn't have kept her around for five years. Li Lu shook her head. "He doesn't fall in love with his subordinates." Qu Qi subconsciously "Ha?" With a cry,Teardrop Pallet Racking, it turned out that Lin Zi had not lied to her. Now that she has become a subordinate of Lu Jie, she will not repeat the mistakes of Lin Zi, right? But in that case, why did Lu Jie recruit her into the company? Is this the reason why he has never really established a relationship with her and let her be his girlfriend? What the hell was he thinking? After playing with the dog for a while, Qu Qi saw that the time was almost up and got up to say goodbye to Li Lu. At this time, the door of the living room just pushed open, Lu Jie put one hand in his pocket, the other hand carrying the car keys, and walked in with a pair of long legs. Jie, you're just in time! Li Lu held Qu Qi's shoulder and pushed her to Lu Jie. "Help me send Manager Qu home. I can't drive after drinking tonight." Qu Qi was suddenly pushed in front of Lu Jie, and the two of them looked at each other. Lu Jie did not fall in love with his subordinates in his mind, and Qu Qi lost her sight and looked away. But Lu Jie looked at her and lowered her head, thinking that she was suddenly shy to see him. That's all right Lu Jie answered Li Lu's request, then took his hand out of his pocket, shuttle rack system ,drive in racking system, turned around and opened the door, and made a gesture to Qu Qi with a smile, "Manager Qu, please." Very gentlemanly. Qu Qi turned to say goodbye to Li Lu, thanked her for her hospitality tonight, and finally said good night before leaving. A second before the door closed, Li Lu noticed that Lu Jie seemed to be holding Quqi's waist, and her mind immediately jumped out of what Ming Chenghui had said-Jie secretly hid a "small waist essence". She thought, this small waist essence, is Qu Qi is right. But what about not falling in love with subordinates? Tut, General Manager Lin has fainted from tears. —— Half an hour later, the orange apartment is on the fifth floor. Qu Qi faced the door, bowed his head and took out the key from his bag. Lu Jie stood quietly behind her, holding the doughnut she had bought for him, and looked at her quietly. Quqi raised his hand and put it down again. The key was not inserted into the keyhole. After staring at the key in his hand and hesitating for a moment, he turned around and asked him, "I heard that you don't fall in love with your subordinates. Will you keep a distance from me in the future?" Lu Jie looked at her calmly and asked, "Who told you that?" "That's not important. Just tell me, isn't it?" Qu Qi asked some strong and stubborn, she did not want to go on so unclear, the song is right- "ambiguous" people suffer grievances. She just wants a definite answer now! Under her pressure, Lu Jie just looked at her in silence. Sometimes silence is also a kind of answer, Quqi sighed lightly and turned away disappointedly, her nose was sour for no reason. Sure enough, once a woman lowers her posture and actively pursues a man, she will be looked down upon. You think how brave you are to pursue love, but in the eyes of men, maybe you are just belittling yourself. Tears did not live up to expectations, blurred the line of sight, the key to the keyhole several times, did not go in, Quqi discouraged to throw the key, raised his hand was suddenly held. "Lu Jie wrapped her little hand in his big hand, put his hand around her waist, and pulled her into his arms." What's with the door tantrum, huh? She wanted to be angry with him, but did it work? Men don't care about you. It's useless for you to lose your temper with him. Quqi is angry with herself. It doesn't matter. She shook off the hand he was holding and pushed him hard. Lu Jie did not move, let her push a few times, lowered his head and blocked her mouth. I don't fall in love with my subordinates. I only fall in love with you. His eyes were fixed on her, and he said solemnly. It turned out that the so-called "not falling in love with subordinates" was just an excuse for him to refuse Lin Zi? Qu Qi suddenly understood. Mr. Lu really kept himself clean. She put her arms around his neck, raised the corners of her mouth with tears in her eyes, and came forward enthusiastically to kiss him back. She learned the steps he had kissed her before, licked his lips carefully with the tip of her tongue, tried to drill into the gap, and Lu Jie opened his mouth to let her in, clasping the back of her head to deepen the kiss. Well, the kissing skills have improved. Two breath belt panting,cantilever racking system, forehead touch, Lu Jie praised her. Quqi's limp body snuggled up to him and traced the shape of his lips with the tips of her fingers. "Is it great to learn from you?" Lu Jie made a gesture to bite her hand, and Qu Qi was so frightened that she pulled her hand back with a sound of "ah". The soft cry made Lu Jie lose control.