Tucao in the heart, or gentle smile on the face, "the queen mother said yes." Zhu Yan gave her a horizontal look and suddenly smiled, "Mother said, this huge harem, where else can I go besides Yongning Palace?" This can be said to the heart of the queen mother. This is not, the queen mother reserved a smile, she has been able to anticipate Zhu Yan's surprised eyes. This is not, there are a few palace daughters around the mourning family, very intimate, the emperor son to see, there is no like. With that, the queen mother waved her hand in a domineering manner, and a row of elegant and beautiful beauties came gracefully from outside the palace. "See the Empress Dowager, Your Majesty, Empress Yi." The smile on Zhu Yan's lips, the queen mother is cruel enough. Glanced at that row of palace people, according to Qinger's words that is incomparably hot eyes, one by one clear soup little water, really ugly ah! Wen Shuqing lowered her eyes and smiled at the corners of her mouth. In fact, she almost laughed out loud just now. Tut, tut, this big rollover scene. The beauty in the eyes of the queen mother, see in the eyes of Zhu Yan, like the white radish, you face a white radish,wire mesh decking, can you feel it? "How is it, my son?"? Do you like it? The queen mother carries the shelf, in the eye delimits the complacent color, these may be she comes out carefully from the palace person. Especially Zhilan, this appearance, this temperament, is not worse than the niece. Indeed, dressed in plain blue clothes, Zhilan is indeed one of the best. Yes,heavy duty cantilever racks, that is, the most amazing ugly one in Zhu Yan's eyes, tut tut and cousin are on a par. Really do not understand, his brother, how to take a fancy to Wei Guifei at the beginning. Maybe it's because I haven't had time to meet the real beauty yet. Tut, tut, it's really pitiful. Their own is not the same, Zhu Yan looked at Wen Shuqing full of affection, look at their own eyes, their own beauty. Although there is only one, one is worth ten, not one is worth a hundred. Zhu Yan looked at the queen mother, did not hide the dislike in her eyes, as if it was incredible, "the mother chose for her son, is this vulgar powder?" Queen Mother:.. This rebellious son, in order to choose an intimate person for him, he took great pains and efforts, mobile racking systems ,mobile racking systems, and as a result, he had to come to a vulgar powder? That Zhilan is the most outstanding one, a pair of soft glutinous apricot eyes seem to have fog in general, even without makeup is still beautiful. Is this also called vulgar powder? Then what is beauty? That Wen Shuqing? Yes, Wen Shuqing is really a beauty, but she is too gorgeous to look like a good girl. At the beginning, I was afraid that Zhilan would threaten my niece, so I didn't withdraw her. I finally sent her out now, and as a result, I got a vulgar powder. Zhu Yan got up impatiently and took her hand in Wen Shuqing's stunned eyes. "Since the mother doesn't want to find a close person for her son, why should she be so perfunctory?" Say, a face of righteousness, valiantly walk out. As soon as she thought about it, her heart ached and she was rebellious. Big prince Zhu Chengchi's uncomfortable hum disturbed her thoughts, and as soon as she turned her head, she saw that he was ill and leaning on Mammy's arms with a red face. Suddenly, the heart is more uncomfortable, go over to embrace the big prince into the bosom, "grandmother's little darling, how can you be so miserable.." As he spoke, he felt sad, as if he had a bitter fate. Mammy, who had been pushed aside by her, looked sadly at the big prince who was wriggling around uncomfortably and dared not speak out. The queen mother herself wanted to trip up the imperial concubine Yi, but she wanted to make a quarrel with the big prince. I don't think your majesty doesn't like the big prince very much. If the imperial concubine annoys the big prince again and blows the pillow wind, how can the big prince live in the future? Ah Wen Shuqing had a spasm and a pain under her body, as if something had slipped out and lost her strength. He only had time to hear a baby's powerful cry before he completely lost consciousness and passed out in the call of Mrs. Wen and others. My mind is white. Who is she? Where is she? Just thinking about it, there was a gloom ahead, and her mind was instantly attracted to the past. As soon as she looked up, she saw a pale and weak face in the bronze mirror, and her eyebrows and eyes were full of depression, which startled her. Wen Shuqing retreated subconsciously, but almost fell off the stool. A pair of warm and familiar hands behind her held her body, with a little caution in her words, "Empress, be careful." Wen Shuqing sat upright and looked back. It was Mammy Sun, yes. However, Wen Shuqing looked at her side by mistake and frowned. What's going on? Why is the decoration in the palace different from before? In this cold winter month, there is not even a brazier. Wait, brazier? Wen Shuqing fixed her eyes on Mammy Sun and stared at her in amazement. Mammy Sun was wearing a palace dress made of summer gauze, and she didn't feel cold at all, and even there was no pain below. She had just given birth to a child and her face was pale and normal, but Wen Shuqing looked down at her dress and hid the shock in her eyes. Wen Shuqing squinted at the corner of the window, the sun was shining outside, and the luxuriant trees were dotted with small flowers, which were very beautiful. The air was filled with the mixed fragrance of flowers. Wen Shuqing closed her eyes. It seemed that there were gardenias, jasmine, and some indescribable fragrance. Empress, don't be like this. Have a little temper with your majesty. The child is gone, as long as the pet is there, there will always be. Besides, what can you do to the queen mother and the imperial concubine? At least you got a concubine this time. Sun Mammy sighed and chattered, and her eyes were full of melancholy. Wen Shuqing suddenly opened her eyes, eyebrows mercilessly jumped, the meaning of this is that her child failed to give birth, abortion? She looked down at her belly, which was so flat that there was not even a trace of fat. She was supposed to be happy,push back racking system, but she was not happy at all, and even felt uneasy. She was now full of wonder why everything was different. Could it be that as soon as Wen Shuqing's hand tightened, she crossed again? Wen Shuqing's heart was almost in her throat. It must be. She can't be in a coma. She's been in a coma for half a year. jracking.com