QuickBooks Hosting gives businesses power and flexibility that QuickBooks doesn't offer on-premises, and can be accessed anytime from any available device. QuickBooks is an essential part of your accounting process, giving you all the tools you need to organize and track your expenses, budgets, and more. However, you can take full advantage of the software and add an extra layer of security by hosting QuickBooks on a third-party cloud. A wide variety of  QuickBooks Hosting services are available in 2022. Some of the common services are:

Shared Hosting

This simply indicates that the QuickBooks application or account is stored on the same server as many other applications or accounts. The right type of hosting provider guarantees customized billing options and great loading speeds. However, hosting is not a long-term solution of choice as it cannot withstand increased traffic and access.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

This type of hosting is more suitable than shared hosting. Select this if you want to scale your QuickBooks application. Each QuickBooks application is hosted in its own virtual space, improving loading speed.

Dedicated Hosting

It is the preferred type for organizations looking for multiple accounting functions in their business. You have full control over a dedicated server for your QuickBooks application. Want to improve your company's accounting performance? Choose QuickBooks hosting as the best alternative. Choose a hosting provider type that offers better support within your budget.


Whether you choose our top picks or do your research, the information above should help you make the right decision when choosing which hosting service to choose. If you want secure 24/7 access to your data on Windows 10 Azure Virtual Desktop Servers from anywhere in the world, a QuickBooks cloud hosting provider such as Apps4Rent is the best choice.