I don't agree to apply for a death certificate anyway! My mother is not dead! Huo Jiayi also can not help but shed tears, how many years of depression burst out, he has been unable to stop. Father patted Huo Jiayi on the shoulder, and they could not speak for a long time. Jia Yi, you listen to me, I am thinking for you. With a death certificate, we can apply for the government's affordable housing under such conditions, leaving you to use it as a marriage house in the future. We'll see when the time comes. If you can afford the down payment, you can get a loan. If this small house is not good, you can sell it to pay the down payment. When you get married, Dad can go out and borrow a house to live in.. Huo Jiayi couldn't misunderstand his father any more. His father was thinking about everything for him. He didn't go on. He said, "Don't worry. When Dad is old, Dad won't hold you back. Dad will go to the nursing home. It's enough for you to come and see me when you are free." Huo Jiayi's tears burst again, unable to talk, and his father's body was still trembling. "Jiayi, you have to move on." Father said this to Huo Jiayi before going to bed that night. Huo Jiayi stubbornly believed that his mother must be beside him and his father and never went far. His father went out to buy a magazine for him. Unexpectedly, he hadn't bought it for a few years, and the price of the magazine had gone up by one yuan. His father was the kind of person who wouldn't put a penny more in his pocket. He was about to come home to get it, but there was a dollar on the ground,beam impact tubes, as if it was a gift from heaven. Wasn't it his mother who was helping him? He is also, although only encountered once, the bus crowded, thieves stripped off the wallet, a week later, the empty wallet with the ID card inside was sent home, this is only seen in foreign movies! Although five hundred yuan is not, but the thief is a thief,beam impact tubes, Huo Jiayi said this matter others are surprised, said more, Huo Jiayi even felt that the five hundred yuan is not to go elsewhere, is to go to his mother there! Another time, he was more convinced that his mother was around. I overslept for the only time in my three years of work. Somehow, the alarm clock was set in my cell phone, but it didn't work that day. When I woke up, it was already seven o'clock. I washed a little. It was a quarter past seven. I quickly raised my hand and called a taxi. Quick, go to work. When I came back to watch the news, I learned that an accidental murder occurred at 6:30 a.m. at the subway entrance where I must pass every day. A suspected mental patient stabbed three people with a fruit knife. Two of them died and one was seriously injured. At 6:30, it was the time when Huo Jiayi usually entered the subway station. If it wasn't his mother, who would be protecting him and his father in secret? But if it's really a mother, isn't she too cruel? In the third year after his mother left, Precision steel tubes ,side impact beams, his father received a phone call and rushed to the school to take away Huo Jiayi, who was in the sprint stage of the third year of junior high school. Without saying a word, he got into a Volkswagen taxi and drove to Beixinjing. In one day, my grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt and my cousin, who was one year younger than me, all died. When they arrived, everything was over. A San's mother-in-law turned pale at the mention of a tiger. How frightening it was! They talked nonsense and danced with joy. Some rolled on the ground, some crawled on all fours, and some sat stupidly, groaning in pain. They were afraid of light, wind, the sound of water, and death. They had never seen such misery. Grandpa was so greedy that he picked up the dog that was killed by a car on the highway and asked his grandmother to cook a meal of braised dog meat to satisfy his craving. There was so much dog meat that the table was full. It was supposed to be given to us. I have my own dog. How can I be willing to eat dog meat? I didn't take it. I'm glad I didn't take it. A San's mother-in-law is still in shock. The family of Uncle Li Si, who was in the same district as the recipient of the favor, also died, leaving only Uncle Li Si himself, who happened to be on a business trip. After all, the past is the past. Huo Jia, dressed in mourning, also cried for his grandparents, uncles and aunts. He looked at his dear little cousin in the coffin for a long time. The cousin who stuffed all the delicious food into his hands must have been in great pain before he died. He didn't look like him at all. He lost a lot of weight. His cheeks sank deep into him. His hands and feet seemed to be put right on purpose. My cousin doesn't like to be serious. He's so playful. It must be hard for him to lie down like this. If, just if, mother really as Huo Jiayi thought on their side, witnessing everything, secretly manipulating all this, the death of the grandfather's family, as well as the young cousin, and then catch up with the innocent Li Si uncle's family, is not too cruel? My father took care of all the funeral affairs, including selling the ancestral house left by my grandfather and paying off the debts that my uncle owed to others every day after the taxi shift. My father took out part of his savings to console Uncle Li Si. Uncle Li Si returned the red envelope. People were dead. What was the use of money? Beixinjing was demolished the year before last. According to my grandfather's previous land, house and registered permanent residence, I could probably get six houses. My father's relatives would take out this matter to scold my father's foolishness in the past two years. My father just said, "I never thought about that house!" Huo Jiayi falls into a deep contradiction. On the one hand, he believes in his mother's protection and believes that his mother has not gone far. On the other hand, he cannot accept his mother's cruelty. Denying the latter will inevitably lead to the subversion of the former. It is not his mother who protects him at all. What will it be? He has no way of knowing. Xiao He planned to take his colleagues in the English group to travel to Jinhua on the weekend. Huo Jiayi heard that after some ideological struggle, he sent a text message to Xiao He's mobile phone, asking if he could go together? The text message did not return, Huo Jiayi's heart hung in the air. It must have been the coldness before that made Xiao He angry. Girls have the dignity of girls. Where does he allow him to come and go? What does he think he is? At ten o'clock, the text message came late: Of course. Xiao He allowed an irrelevant math teacher to go with her, and the meaning should be very clear. Huo Jiayi knew in his heart that he felt he had to make it clear to Xiao He that he had dinner with him the next night. This is the first time after graduating from junior high school, Huo Jiayi took the initiative to mention his mother,cold drawn tubes, he used to hide self-pity, but also used to pretend to be strong and relaxed. …… I think my mother may be a Jinhua, so I want to go back with you! 。 cbiesautomotive.com