Meng Lihe lowered his head and hardly dared to look at his face. "I mean, we said before that when I find a way to cure my mother's illness, our nominal status as husband and wife will be terminated.". Now that the mother and concubine have recovered, our agreement will come to an end. Yu Wenche only felt that his heart was severely twisted by Meng Lihe, and the pain made him want to hold it in both hands. Rao was that he had been seriously injured by life-threatening injuries and had been poisoned by poisons that might endanger his life, but he had never felt so uncomfortable. Suddenly thought, in this night, Meng Lihe and Su Zichen recognize each other, and belong to their piano score has been found, so Su Zichen has no need to stay, that Meng Lihe is not ready to leave with him? The heart can not help but some bitter, some self-mockery, he just focused on the relationship between the two cousins, but did not expect that there is a more serious problem he ignored. Now it seems that everything has been completed, that if in accordance with the previous two people's agreement, Meng Lihe can indeed get away with it. After a while, he said with difficulty, "Do you mean that it's time for you to leave the palace?" It is said that people who meet love, no matter how confident and smart they are, will become stupid and unconfident in front of their feelings. Meng Lihe is no exception, the thought that Yu Wenche may refuse himself later,smart board whiteboard, Meng Lihe will feel inferior. So he said with a wry smile, "I'm afraid it's not up to me to decide whether it's time to leave the palace." "Who is that?" Yu Wenche frowned, "Su Zichen?" Meng Lihe looked up in surprise. "What does this have to do with cousin?" "Aren't you going to leave with him?" Yu Wenche said angrily. Meng Lihe was stunned, she had not thought before, now suddenly feel that Yu Wenche's proposal is not bad, if he refused to wait for a while, he can really go to the island with his cousin to see. Visit the mountains and rivers, recognize the ancestors,smart board interactive whiteboard, but also just comfort the lovelorn soul. Anyway, she's ready for anything. Whether it's life or death, we'll know tonight. Seeing that she didn't answer, Yu Wenche just thought it was acquiescence and said anxiously, "Have you really decided to go?"? Is there nothing here that you miss? "Yes." Meng Lihe heard his answer clearly. What is it? Yuwen Che's eyes brightened as if he saw a ray of light in the darkness. Although he felt that Meng Lihe should not be greedy for wealth, if she really just told herself that she missed the splendor and wealth here or the comfortable life, or even that she wanted the position of queen, he would be willing to help her fight for it. Even Yu Wenche himself did not believe that one day he would be so eager to keep a person, at any cost. Meng Lihe raised his head slowly. Although his face was red and his heart beat faster, he looked intently and gently at Yu Wenche's face. Then he opened his mouth gently and said, "You." "What?" Only this word, Yu Wenche did not react for a moment. Meng Lihe did not evade this time, but looked at him firmly and said earnestly: "My nostalgia is you.". Yuwen Che, I like you. Chapter 266 finally together. Meng Lihe did not evade this time, smartboard for business ,75 inch smart board, but looked at him firmly and said earnestly: "My nostalgia is you.". Yuwen Che, I like you. Yuwen Che is all confused. It was not that he had not heard a bold woman's confession to him, or even met a more active person. But no one can easily use a few words to make his mind blank, almost as if thrown into the clouds, drifting without a sense of reality. You What did you say Yu Wenche did not know whether he was too excited, always confident, and even began to doubt whether he was hearing voices. A moment ago, he thought the woman was leaving him. However, Meng Lihe even if just again to inspire courage, now let her say again, she did not have the courage. You know, she just threw caution to the wind. But this guy has to ask again! "Forget it if you don't hear it!" Meng Lihe turned his head to leave in a fit of pique. However, as soon as she turned around, she felt her arm being pulled violently, and then, before she could react, she felt her body being turned around and hit a solid chest. The person who thought about it day and night finally held it in his arms, and Yu Wenche could not help tightening his arm. I heard it. Holding Meng Lihe in her arms, Yu Wenche whispered in her ear. When he finally realized what was going on, Meng Lihe's face turned red. Then, just after the reaction to come over, Yu Wenche this is. Accept her? Oh my God! Does she take the initiative to pursue a person! I'm so embarrassed. Meng Lihe just wanted to speak his mind before, and did not even think optimistically that the other party would respond to her. At the moment, she was so ashamed that she could only bury herself in Yuwen Che's arms and play dead, not wanting to face it at all. However, how could Wang Ye, who had not had a bad taste attack for a long time, give up this opportunity? When he finally recovered from the surprise, he let her go, raised her chin with one hand with a smile on his lips, looked at her red face, and deliberately asked with a smile, "Are you showing your love to me?" Meng Lihe's face was so red that he was almost bleeding. He opened his hand and said ferociously, "I'll show you your big head!" "Poof." Yuwen Che finally could not help laughing out loud, the iceberg-like face in the past, almost all melted at this moment, looking at her angry appearance, finally no longer tease her, once again pulled her into his arms, whispered, "Since you are not showing love, then I will show it, my princess, I also like you, for a long time." Meng Lihe was stunned. How did this guy turn on the attribute of love words again. It sounds so sweet. What should I do? The corners of his mouth finally slowly rose, and he stretched out his hands and hugged Yu Wenche back. In the quiet courtyard, only the leaves were slightly rustled by the breeze. The two people hiding in the tree quietly retreated for some distance,smart board for conference room, which was so sweet! After all, who knows if what happens next will give them the eye of a needle? Just look at this picture and feel that the blood trough is empty, okay.