Qin Wentian learned the news of the destruction of Tianshen Mountain from his grandfather Luo Shenchuan, and then learned more specific details. Although today he already knows that this is not a well-intentioned world, the top forces of the conquest is extremely cruel, but when it comes to killing the endless population, he still feels a little cruel. This is not a demon like the Bull Protoss, but a human being, like them. What role does the moon play in the sky? Qin Wentian can not know, but must not get rid of the relationship with him, black fog ability, is not related to the moon sky. Qin Wentian ordered to collect information about the recent movements of the moon sky. He found that many people and monsters had disappeared and destroyed in the wasteland recently. They were all related to the moon sky. Qin Wentian instantly thought of the evil method. The moon sky was using the lives of living beings to practice his evil skills. It was very likely that he had realized the same evil means as the reincarnation world. The moon sky was a person who could be powerful at all means. There is nothing that cannot be done in the long sky. But just as the ancient strong people did not understand, he did not understand why Ziwei Shenting was able to destroy Tianshen Mountain, and it was cruel to destroy the door. Qin Wentian also felt that today's ancient, sooner or later to change, in fact, if not for the appearance of death, temporarily suppressed the Western world and the ancient powers, now he is not so comfortable. The only thing he can do is to improve himself. Suppressing all thoughts for the time being, Qin Wentian practiced in seclusion in the Heaven Cave. Moreover, many people around him began to retreat. It was rare for the crazy old man to fight for a period of peace for them, so that the ancient powers did not dare to come to provoke them. Naturally, they had to seize the opportunity to strengthen themselves, otherwise they would be even more difficult to deal with in the future. As a result, the outside world is changing, but many people of Qin Tian Shenzong have stepped into the Heaven Cave to practice, including the people around Qin Wentian, all in the Heaven Cave, but there are still people who take turns to guard Qin Tian Shenzong, once there is a change, they will immediately inform Qin Wentian. A little bit of time in the past,outdoor ficus tree, two years, for the ancient immortal domain, is really too short, there will not be too big ripples, since the purple micro God court after the destruction of Tianshen Mountain, the big demon palace has been vigilant, always on guard against the purple micro God court, however, the purple micro God court does not seem to immediately attack their plans, but silent for a period of time,silk ficus tree, It seems that they were not the forces that destroyed Tianshen Mountain at the beginning. However, as far as the Heaven Cave is concerned, great changes have taken place in the past two years, and some people have broken through the realm and stepped into the divine realm, and far more than one. Nowadays, Qin Wentian's close relatives and friends, little bastards, Junmengchen, Qiyu, Beiming Youhuang, Qing'er, Baiqing, Nanhuang Inviting the Moon, have all set foot in the divine realm, are all people who have the will of the gods to teach, coupled with their own outstanding talent and understanding, as well as the excellent practice environment in the cave of heaven, all kinds of advantages are superimposed together. I'm afraid there are no other forces in ancient times who can compare with them in the conditions of spiritual practice, which makes the gods appear one by one. Of course, in addition to all this, faux grass wall ,fake blossom tree, it is time. The secret place forged by Qin Wentian has given them time. Although the outside world has only had more than two years, in fact, they have gone through more than two hundred years of practice before they have achieved today's results. For all the changes that have taken place in the sky cave, people outside do not know, if they know that the sky cave is being born in batches of gods, I am afraid the vigilance will be stronger, this is only more than two years, if they continue to give them time to develop silently, God knows how many gods will appear, so develop, I am afraid that when the time comes, the alliance of heaven cave, Apart from the fact that the top people can't compare with the Western world, the number of gods will not be too inferior. And the Heaven Cave has the protection of the God of death, and President Ye also takes good care of Qin Wentian. In addition to those people before, there was also a practitioner in the Holy Temple of the Way of Heaven who broke through the realm in the Cave of Heaven. At the beginning, he was a teacher who took good care of Qin Wentian, Elder Martial Brother Shenyin. He was once a strong man on the list of asking the way, and he was very hopeful to break through the realm and become a God. Now, he breaks through in the environment of practicing in the Cave of Heaven and realizes the divine realm. At this time, the divine voice was beside Qin Wentian. He looked at the cave and said with emotion, "Wentian, thank you for breaking through so quickly.". ” Although he has a strong understanding, in fact, he has been practicing for many years. It takes time to settle down. He can break through the boundary in hundreds of years and is inseparable from the Heaven Cave. If Qin Wentian did not control the Heaven Cave, he would not be able to come in and practice, but there is no such generous and selfless person. Elder Martial Brother, if you say so, I will be angry. Qin Wentian pretended to be angry and stared at Shenyin. When he was in Tiandao Temple, Elder Martial Brother took good care of him and let Shenyin go to the Heaven Cave to practice. It was nothing at all. It's nothing to him, but it's different to the divine voice. Divine realm, how many creatures are there in the ancient immortal realm? How many gods are there? The ultimate pursuit of the world, but how many people can set foot in this realm, now, he has come to this dream realm, that feeling, indescribable. All right, I won't be polite to you. Elder Martial Brother Shenyin said with a smile. He looked at the many secret places in the Cave of Heaven and said, "How many gods can you make in the Cave of Heaven for another hundred years?" As he spoke, he shook his head and dared not think about it. One hundred years, for the secret land, comparable to ten thousand years, the cave of heaven, will give birth to a legion of gods, which is the reason why the ancient immortals are eager to join hands to attack Qin Wentian, the potential is terrible. A hundred years is too long. Qin Wentian shook his head, ten thousand years of practice, what realm can he practice himself? It's only been a thousand years since he practiced. Moreover, he felt that the Archaic Immortal Domain could not give him such a long time, although a hundred years was not too long for the Archaic Immortal Domain, if put in the past, I am afraid it was a matter of a snap of a finger, but now, the Archaic situation is too sensitive. Ask the sky. At this time, a weak voice came from Qin Wentian's mind. Qin Wentian's eyes flashed and he opened his mouth and said, "Elder Martial Brother, I have gone a little in advance." Voice fell his body disappeared directly, making the divine voice eyes flash, Qin Wentian so urgent, what happened? In a secret place, Beiming Youhuang lay there weakly, a light came,fake ficus tree, Qin Wentian came to her body, squatted down, there was a touch of worry in his eyes. hacartificialtree.com