Whether your Hyundai vehicle has just rolled off the lot or it has been in your family for years, you want to make sure that it stays in top shape and continues to run like new. 

You might not be an automotive expert, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do your part to keep your car running smoothly and looking good as new with proper Hyundai servicing. Here are some facts about Hyundai Servicing in Melbourne from the manufacturer so that you know all of the facts before your next service appointment.

What is servicing?

Servicing is when a vehicle's fluids are changed, filters are replaced, and any other necessary maintenance items are addressed. This type of work is required periodically to keep a vehicle running safely and reliably. Hyundai offers a variety of servicing options for all levels of care. 

These range from oil changes that take only a few minutes to multi-point inspections which can take up to an hour. Regardless of which level of service you choose, Hyundai has you covered with quality work at competitive rates.

Hyundai Servicing in Melbourne

Who will do my servicing?

At Hyundai, we want to make sure that when you need a new battery or tire rotation, you know exactly who will do it. That's why we have Service Specialists. Your vehicle is serviced by an employee that knows your vehicle inside and out.

They are factory-trained with certifications in Hyundai vehicles and products. And because they've been with us for at least five years, they're incredibly knowledgeable about what it takes to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Where can I get a quote on servicing my car?

When you need a quote on servicing your car, we make it easy. Simply give us a call and our Hyundai-trained technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We'll also provide an estimate of what's covered in the different plans we offer. What are my options for a plan?

There are three different levels of care available: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each plan has its own coverage levels which can include: 

  • Scheduled maintenance (including routine services like oil changes)
  • Emergency repairs
  • Roadside assistance 
  • Tire rotations 
  • Tire replacements

How does an oil change affect my car's performance?

When you bring your car in for an oil change, be sure to ask what type of oil was used. Did you know that not all oils are created equal? 

There are many different types of engine oils with different formulations designed for specific engine applications. For instance, there is a heavy-duty diesel engine oil that is formulated to provide maximum protection and performance in harsh operating conditions.


It's always a good idea to know all of the facts about the car service you're getting, whether it be routine maintenance or something more serious. No matter what type of car you have, one thing is for certain: when it comes to Hyundai Servicing Melbourne, we've got you covered with everything you have to know.

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