Will the “Zero Coin Tour” come back to Phuket? after China opened the country

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China has been shutting down the countrySLOT XOunder zero COVID measures for three years. To this day, when China reopens the country, how will it affect the tourism behavior of Chinese people?

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists flocking abroad. After the country's lockdown for more than 3 years, the return of Chinese tourists is what people in the Thai tourism sector have been waiting for. But one thing they don't want is the return of "zero-dollar tours" where Thai entrepreneurs say that the real beneficiaries are business people from the country of origin rather than the country of destination.

this expectation How true will it be in the condition that the new group of Chinese tourists behave differently from the old group? Thai entrepreneurs and Thai officials How have you prepared? BBC Thai talks to people involved in Phuket tourism on this matter.

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What is a Zero Coin Tour?
Before the outbreak of COVID-19 Tourism entrepreneurs are questioning the worthiness of China's so-called "tourism". “Zero Coin Tour”​

A “zero-dollar tour” is a group of tourists who travel in Thailand by purchasing tour programs from travel agencies in their own countries at a price lower than the cost. Then the travel agency will send tourists. come to travel agencies in Thailand without paying tour fees Acquired companies will take tourists to buy products at network stores at inflated prices.

Destination countries like Thailand will benefit from tours from abroad bringing in customers to shop. And take a share of the customer's purchase as compensation instead of the tour that the customer bought which is highly profitable And it is a kind of marketing competition.