pot swap, swap pot with like minded people

Swap pot with like minded people, discuss a variety of topics, such as medical marijuana, legalization, recreational marijuana, growing, enter contests and much more.

Pot Swap is based in central Oregon, BUT! anybody around the world can take advantage of this platform, as long as it is legal where you reside.

Welcome to Pot Swap, Please read the rules and guidelines

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Welcome to Pot Swap, Please read the rules and guidelines
« on: September 27, 2018, 04:50:27 PM »
Rules and Guidelines

  Absolutely NO! selling of marijuana publicly. What you do or say in personal messages is your business, but please do not SPAM! other members.

  Do NOT! publicly give out addresses and phone numbers. Any personal information should be limited to personal messages.

  Please keep your conversations, images etc. NO! more than rated R. Slight nudity and swearing is acceptable, porn and hardcore language is not. 

  And, No Running with Scissors!


Use this site at your own risk, Pot Swap is in no way responsible for anything out side this forum. This is only a platform to trade marijuana.

  By registering, you are agreeing with all of the above.
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